Crushing me,

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Crushing me, by loving me !

I love you with all my heart,

And I waited for years already,

And still not standing steady,

Am I ready ?

Am I ready to get hurt, is this love one blur ?

Tell me you need to figure it all out

Place your feelings,

Put some ceilings,

Well I’m still waiting till you make a conclusion,

A definite decision.

She can’t behave, Am I just a slave ?

Really why do I want to follow her !

How come that love made me do these things,

I want to cut these strings,

Something stops me,

Something shuts me !

She says it’s your choice, well it isn’t If you can’t make one I’ll be following you

Like a haunting ghost, like a shivering host !

I listen to your stories about a girl

Who fell in love, who was caught by strings,

Who fell for awful things,

You had a puppet master,

You had a mind disaster !

It seems the same is happening to me !

Seems the past of yours will be my ill,

Someone give me a Love pill,

Inject it fast I’m getting close to the edge !

How many years will I wait ?

How many years will I be pleased,

Will you stop the tease ?

Really make a decision,

This is getting over my vision.

Put a mark on my grave,

Sign it with the mark of fate,

Because my fate has been decided by you,

Sorrow and sadness coming through !

C’mon what are these signs, stupid flying lines,

What are you trying to say,

Do you want me to get away ?

Why can’t I figure out why you kiss me,

Why you miss me ?

Well chances are that A guy will come through, He will look at you!

Take you away, And lonely I stay!

You can’t choose,

I’m the fucking proof !

I’m preparing for the blow,

For the enormous throw,

I will be thrown to the ground,

And it will make an echoing sound,

This sound will repeat and it will resonate,

Levitate, educate,

to a higher state of thinking.

But the time is not there to make decisions.

I’ll wait for a few days,

I’ll wait for your decision,

But my envision,

My decision, Can’t be made.

I won’t leave and I can’t, got tied up hands!

So I keep my promise <3


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