It had been a week since the kiss was shared between the two, and not another kiss was shared after that. The two had talked about it, how they couldn't do this, how she might even be hanged for this, and decided, perhaps it would have been best if they waited, at least until a moment in which Uther was accepting, or even a moment after he could no longer accept.

The week had been bad for her, she had felt a knot in her stomach and a lump in her throat the entire time. The two tried not to see each other, in hopes that perhaps that way, they wouldn't be tempted to do anything, so instead of attending to Arthur, she spent every hour helping Ros, which was fine with her. Ros was nice, she was a good person, and didn't treat her like less. Recently within the last part of the week, she had noticed that Merlin and Ros were giving each other looks, looks that were once shared by her and Arthur. She wanted to speak to Ros about this, she knew her brother would not even allow her to speak a word about it to him.

Ana made her way to the princess' room after attending to her Thunder, as well as the princess' horse. She opened the door and gave a nod to Ros.

"Your highness, if I could have a word with you, please?" She asked her. Ros was currently reading a book, a book she remembered as one she saw in Gaius' room. She sat up and nodded.

"Of course, what is it you needed to speak of?"

"It's about Merlin." Ros' cheeks turned red. Confirmation to her. "I'm sorry for intruding but he is my brother... I couldn't help but notice the looks the two of you were giving each other. It was a look of.. Perhaps something more than that of simply attraction. He's my brother, and I want to protect him with all my life. I just want to be sure that you truly love him, and you are aware of the consequences that could befall to him. He is my close friend, as well as brother. I just want to know if you truly do love him."

Ros' words were stuck in her throat, she didn't know how to respond. Of course, if she came up to her and did the same, Anastasia would react the same way as her. She didn't blame her.

"Yes. I do love him. And I'm aware of the consequences, we both are. We understand exactly what could happen, but we are both willing to risk it."

Ana didn't know what to think. That certainly was not what Arthur had said.. When she had said that she would be willing to take the consequences, he had said that he was not. Did that mean he did not truly love her as much as she loved him? Did it mean he would rather have his pride than her love?

"I see... I hope you're correct in your feelings, your highness. I would hate to see you throw him away like a ragdoll." She frowned, thinking that perhaps that was what Arthur was doing, or going to do to her.

"What about you?"

"Well,what about me?"

Ros gave her a sympathetic smile.

"What about you and Arthur?"

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