Chapter 1

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Lilly's POV

"Yes Stacy I'm getting in my car now, see you in a minute." I got in my new red jeep, and started to back out of my drive way. "Wait! Lilly! You forgot your brush!" I stopped and rolled down my window. "Calm down mom don't want to tell all of our neighbors." She laughed a little, "I'm just going to miss you so much." I starred at her bright blue eyes, she was almost crying, "Its only for a week, see you soon, I love you." "I love you too sweetie, its just hard you have never gone away for more than two days." I rolled my eyes and finished backing out of the drive way, and was on my way.

I picked Stacy up and realized Luke was with her. Luke is so hot that is so bad of me to think I am dating Kyle, but he has been a jerk lately, oh but Luke is so nice, he is captain of the football team and had this gorges black hair. But it doesn't matter all I am to him is Stacy's best friend.

Luke's POV

I am so excited for this camping trip, I know it sounds lame and girly but it is a whole week with no adults and a very hot girl, Lilly. Damn she is so hot with her perfectly straight blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. But she has a lame ass boyfriend who is only dating her for her body.

I threw our bags in the trunk and got in, Stacy was in the back and me and Lilly up front.

"Are we picking Kyle too?" Stacy practically screamed it, she is so excited for this trip. "No he is meeting us, he is getting there early to set up the tents. "How many tents?" I did a cute eyebrow thing while starring at Lilly and we all laughed.

Lilly's POV

God he is so cute and funny I started laughing when he did his really cute, sexy eyebrow thing.

"Two." I said kind of sounding sexy, I think. Luke stared at Stacy, "Well we will just have to find some way to stay warm wont we?" Stacy giggled her sexy giggle and I smiled wishing he would have said that to me.

Stacy's POV

God this is taking so long, so I decided to just fall asleep till this is over.

When I woke up no one was in the car, I sat up and heard voices, I quickly jumped out of the car and helped grabbing my bags.

Kyle's POV

I just finished taking in the last steak into the ground when I heard the jeep pull in, so of course acting all sexy like I pulled my shirt up and whipped my face with it right when my sexy lady got out of the car. But to my disappoint she wasn't even looking she was laughing at whatever Luke said.

"Hey beautiful." I grabbed her ass and kissed her neck. "Are you ready for a wonderful night?" I whispered ever so sexy in her ear. She turned around gave me a beautiful sexy glare and made out with me.

Luke's POV

"Whoa you two save it for your tent." God can they ever even breath I wonder how good of a kisser she is? Then I was grabbed by Stacy and she started making out with me. I bet Lilly is way better than Stacy.

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