Chapter 24: "The Calm"

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The son of the Titans, Iapetus and Cymene, he was an independent and radical visionary. Prometheus was constantly pursuing his own private projects, attempting to stamp his genius upon the Universe. He was a rival to his brother Epimetheus in the creature creation game, finally coming up with the controversial but strangely popular homo sapiens. As protector of mankind he was always keen to do the best for them. Which was much appreciated by the poor, huddled mortals as life was extremely tough down there on the hard cold Earth.

But eventually he went too far. In a daring raid, he stole fire from the gods and brought it down to mankind, who were amazed and delighted with, and slightly terrified by, this splendid new gift. In Zeus's eyes this illicit exporting of restricted items was the most terrible crime. Fire was for gods, not those squirming creatures. What if those pesky mortals used fire for evil? Rich nations have never been happy giving the developing world access to technology and a high standard of living.

The Lord of Olympus was furious, and dished out a terrible punishment. Prometheus was chained to a rock with chains only an immortal could break. He was left there to suffer in agony and torment forever. It is believed the rock and chain are metaphorical and the true location and manner of his binding are unknown.

- University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)

The friend of man will return, the chains forever broken. Come success or failure it matters not, never again will he be bound to the rock.

- The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker


Red Rock

"So Cooper is really a hot, immortal, teenage girl?" Rudy asked. The Operator was seated in the command seat of a construction robot that must have cost the people of Red Rock a small fortune. He was pretty sure they were glad they bought it now. "Or is that hot, immortal, teenage girl really that crotchety old university professor?"

"I think the answer is probably yes," Adam replied.

The Titan and the Operator were one of the teams rebuilding and fortifying the Red Rock's walls at break neck speed. After the nearly unanimous vote at the town hall, the people of Red Rock and the members of the Grey Bear Mercenary Company threw all efforts into preparing for the inevitable attack by the Thorns. Meanwhile, more than half of the University group, along with the Red Rockers unable to fight, started off for New Lazlo in the west.

"Yes to what?" Rudy asked, as he talked he held and welded sections of the wall back together. "Is Cooper a girl or a man?"

"Yes," Adam said once more.

"For someone who's supposed to be so damn wise you sure are a pain in the ass, Adam," Rudy muttered. "Oh look at me, my name is Sir Adam and I'm a big bad Titan Cyber Knight, I'm so fucking wise I might as well be a gods damned Jedi."

Adam dropped the beam he'd been hauling and broke into a fit of laughter. "You know I can hear you right?" he choked between laughs.

"We can all hear you," the voice of Colonel McCoy said through the command circuit. It was clear he was fighting back his own laughter. "Maybe you two take the conversation to a private channel?"

"That reminds me," Rudy said switching from Adam to the Colonel, "boss, are we even getting paid for this? I mean don't get me wrong, I like these people and I'm in this for the duration, but we are a business, you know. We all have bills to be paid... and some of us have a family to take care of."

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