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     You usually get the story where the girl loves the guy and gets him to fall in love with her, but not in this case. This is my story of how I met the love of my life 3 years ago. This is Michael's version, not Amy's. This will not be the same as her version I assure you because she sees me as a close friend and she likes women. Shes 19 and I'm 22.

   She is the prettiest thing I've seen, in my whole life. I watch her come down the stairs of her house, half asleep; in shorts and a t-shirt, her make-up smudged from her sleeping on her face, her hair put up in a messy bun. She looks like a mess, but that's how I love to see her, in her natural state. I love her but she doesn't know it yet, and I'm not going to tell her anytime soon.

   Shes a beautiful brunette with these beautiful; big bright green eyes. The most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen, every time I look at them I become breathless. This world would be so dull without her in it. Just looking at her and  listening to her talk, makes the world seem so much better, makes it seem like the world revolves around her and only her.

   I've never thought about anyone this way, and it scares me. I've been with multiple girls and never thought about them this way. I was "in love" with this one girl I was dating for almost 4 years, I was going to marry her but she cheated on me and left me for another man. I was crushed, I thought I loved her, I thought she was my everything, hell I was even going to ask her to marry me. I bought the ring and everything. The feeling she gave me doesn't even come close to the feeling that Amy gives me.

She half smiles at me, still groggy from just waking up. "Don't you look nice today, what are you doing here anyways?" She mumbles.  I hold up the coffee and bagels I bought her. "How did you get in?" She asks. She must have forgotten that she gave me a key and that today is Tuesday. We always hang out on Tuesdays. I still don't know what we are to do today.

  I think we will go to a museum then to the park to feed the ducks, then reek some havoc on the town, but not to late because she has to work in the morning. I show her the keys and she giggles"I forgot, and today is Tuesday huh?" I just nod my head and let out a little laugh. Jeez she is so adorable. "Are you going to get dressed and ready to go?" I ask.  She replies while stuffing her face with the bagels I bought her, " Yeah but I have a date with Janie at 4." Of course she has a date with Janie, it is her girlfriend. I don't like Janie, something about her makes me not trust her.

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