"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge."

- Plato

Candice POW

I woke up relatively early the next morning; we had the day of so almost everyone was still asleep taking advantages of our free day. I rise from my bed, stretched my arms over my head and then took some clean close and walked to the bathroom to have a shower. After I had showered and got dressed I headed back to my bed, at that point everyone was awake, well almost anyway. Since all my friend had decided to crash at Zekes the night before I had to walk alone to the dining hall. When I arrived I found the entire group at one table, their heads laid low and no one was talking, I laughed to myself when I walked over.

"Hi guys, tuff morning?"

"Stop talking my head hurts." Levina groaned and the rest followed. Kev looked up to me, studying my face before he spoke up.

"How come you are so cherry, you had as much to drink as the rest of us?"

"Don't know I guess I just had a good night sleep a guess." I shrugged not wanting to tell them about my night at Erics. Suddenly I voice came behind me.

"Oh I bet you had a really good sleep Candice. Why don't you enlighten us of how good your night really was?" Zack smirked, his two sidekicks Rick and Kim were behind him snickering.

"What are you talking about?" I was confused. He could hardly have known were I had been.

"Oh I think you know what I am talking about." He now narrowed is eyes to mine, indicated that he knew something.

"Ok, can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on and who is this prick by the way?" Levina spoke up.

"Nothing, nothing is going on don't worry about it and the prick here was just leaving weren't you, Zack?" I stared at him while I answered not taking my eyes away from him. I didn't want to look threatened but deep inside I was panicking, he did knew.

"Well if it's nothing than I suggest you scurry away Zack and take your friends with you." Kev said. Zack only smirked and lowered himself to my ear and whispered. "I know your little secret Hun; meet me at the dormitory in 10." He walked away, everyone eyeing me but I stayed quiet thinking about what he must want from me to keep quiet.

I ate in silence not daring to look at anyone, but I could feel Fours eyes on me from time to time obviously knowing that something was wrong but not pushing it further, he was sure she would tell him later. I left the dining hall but not before bumping in to Eric on my way out. He looked down at me before walking away to the leaders table. I glanced back at him walking pass me then I continue walking back to the dormitory where Zack was waiting.

When I arrived Zack was sitting on my bed while Kim and Rick were standing by his side, there was no one else in the room. When he saw me he grinned evilly.

"So I am here now, what do you want?"

"Who says I want something?" At that I laughed.

"Come on, I think I know you well enough to know that you always want something in exchange for in this case your silence."

"Yeh you are right Candice I could never lie to you. Now what do I want?" He stood there for a while thinking though I knew he only did that to piss me off, dramatic much? I knew he already knew what he wanted.

"Aa for fuck sake just spit it out already!"

"Alright okay, calm your tits. I got it, you have to do as I say from now on or I will tell everyone about your little rendezvous with a certain leader last night, we don't want your boyfriend to get in trouble now don't we?"

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