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So.. I just been told that Masey is in the hospital again..*looks up and tears up*I am so scared right now.I mean,no one knows what will happen.Everyone says that he is weak and he is not gonna make it.All that I know is that he HAS to leave.He is perfect..PERFECT!!!He doesnt deserve to die.He is only 15,he has all his life ahead of him...He must live to live the amazing life he has ahead of him.

*hugs myself* I dont wanna lose him...He is my bestie...I love him with all my heart.

*cries* Masey,i know im awful because i am not there with you and I hate myself for that...The only thing i can do is pray to God not to take you with him...And i do that..All I do is that..Please be strong for me...For Alex and everyone else *cries more* P-please...

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