Chapter 7

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Maeve's P.O.V

I've tried to move on, I really have. I've been on many dates, but I can't help myself when I compare the guy to Aaron. The weirdest part is I don't even know why I'm so attracted to him. I mean yeah he has a nice body, but I barely know anything about him. He could be a murder for all I know.

Maybe he tried to kill me because he has two personalities. I just want to understand where he's coming from you know?

It's a Friday night and Aubrey keeps trying to make me go to the party that Aaron is supposedly going to. She thinks I'm in love with him and that I should look sexy for him. Even if I did try to look sexy he wouldn't give a damn. He'd probably be sucking some girl's face to even notice I showed up, never mind looking sexy.

So right now I'm in my pjs watching The Notebook while munching on popcorn. I've turned off my phone so I don't feel tempted to text Aubrey back about going to the party. I'm having a nice "me" time until..

*knock knock*

I internally gasp. What if it's Aaron declaring his undeniable love for me?

HA! That's a good one Maeve.

I get off the couch and look through the window to see who's at my doorstep, and to no surprise it's Aubrey.

*knock knock*

A groan of annoyance escapes my lips as I open the door half heartedly.

"You can come in because I love you, not because your gonna help me get ready for that lame party."

"We'll see about that" she winks then storms in with her arms full of beauty products and clothes." This is so not happening.

"You brought those for the sleepover we're about to have right?" I question with my interrogation face on.

"No dummy, I brought these because we are so getting ready for the party, that is not lame by the way." She says while crossing her arms.

Frowning I barked, "No Bree I'm not going! He's told me to stay away from him more times than I can count, doesn't that say something?"

"Well let's make him regret he said that to you even one time." she exclaims while wriggling her eyebrows.

"No" I argue.

"No?" She asks like she didn't hear me the first time.

"Yea, no"

"I'm pretty sure you said yea"

"I'm pretty sure I didn't say yea"

"You just did though"

"It doesn't matter! I'm. Not. Going."

Aubrey throws a dress in my face making me hold it in my arms, and puts a pair of shoes on top along with multiple pieces of make up that I didn't even know existed.

"You. Are. Going. You don't even have to talk to him, just go to have fun. Let loose for once in your life, get drunk, meet someone and fall in love with Him not Aaron." She argues.

"You know what? I will! Happy? Don't answer that because I can see the look of success on your face! Uhg!" I yell while making my way to my room, clearly struggling to keep the products from falling out of my arms. I could have easily kept arguing with her until she got annoyed and went home but I'm honestly too lazy to stay up until 2 am so I just let her have her way. She's right, I don't have to talk to stupid Aaron. I tried caring for him once and he just pushed me away, so now I'm away and I'm going to show him that I've moved on. I'm going to look as sexy as possible, but not for Aaron. For me. I agree with Brie, I need to let loose for once in my life.

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