Chapter 3

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The next few days went by really quickly and it was the eve of the Yule Ball. Dean and Seamus both ignored the incident like nothing happened. All the students attending the Ball were in their rooms, changing into their gowns. Neville,Dean and Shay were meeting with their dates, Ginny, Hannah and Lavender, at the entrance of the Great Hall. Neville looked terribly nervous: he kept rotating his thumbs; walked up the stairs a few times, to see if they were coming; and asked the two other boys if his suit looked alright. "Yeah, you look fine", Shay responded annoyed, after the 10th time, "quit asking!" Finally, the girls marched down the staircase, smiling. Ginny and Neville immediately walked into the hall, while the others were building up a conversation. "You look real pretty tonight. Not that you look ugly at any other time than tonight." Seamus was dreadful at flirting. "Thanks." Lavender replied, she scanned the boy with her eyes. "You... um..." Before she could think of anything to say, Professor Mcgonagall cleared out the hallway. "Students! In the hall please. Move in! Quickly! The Ball's about to start!" The elderly woman looked around and as she saw the four students standing there, she rolled her eyes. "Mr Finnigan, I must advise you that your shirt should be tucked into your trousers. " she shouted, making Shay blush. Embarrassed, the boy tried tucking it in, but did not succeed. Dean responded to the helpless looks by doing it for him. "Thanks", Shay whispered. Dean nodded, while the girls giggled. After that, the four of them entered the Great Hall, while Dean heard Professor Mcgonagall shouting after Harry.
A dazzling blue pierced his eyes. A colossal christmas tree was standing at the end of the hall. The sky could not be seen on the ceiling but there were loads of icicles hanging from it. The huge room was full of people, most of them talking. After a while the crowd formed a circle and the Triwizard Champions swaggered through the doors. The people were quiet. The only thing to be heard was the music starting to play. The 4 champions and their dates started to dance. For the most parts that worked out alright. But Harry obviously had no clue what he was supposed to be doing. "Harry's has stepped on Parvati's foot at least 8 times now!" Seamus whispered in his friend ear. Dean looked at him and couldn't help but smile: Seamus watched every one of Harry's steps with a big grin on his face, pointing out everything he does wrong. Seamus seemed happy and that was, what made Dean happy.

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