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Chapter one-Me.

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Why is it when you don't understand something it always makes things harder??? Like a boner. Except for that has nothing to do with this situation. I swear it's nothing like that. I just have a problem... A lot of problems. One of them is my annoying bipolar disorder. Another is my constant need to self harm, whether it be cutting, burning... But one which stands out the most is my obsession with music.

Upon discovering the bands that I like, I found myself with a new group of people. People that understand me and aren't afraid to be wierd. They aren't afraid to be themselves. They sucked me into this amazing world of wierd faces and off-the-wall obsessions. They made me realized that what I used to do was horrible. I could never be myself... I could never do what I wanted. When I wanted. It was freeing as all hell.

After a while of being on this adventure, a new course was created... Warped Tour. I, of course, bought the tickets after waiting forever for the time to come. That's all me and my freinds talked about. In detail our conversations came to what we would wear, what we would pack, who we would see... All of this got me more excited. Even though warped tour was in 3 months, I was ready as if it were tomorrow.

Eventually after 3 months of that nonsense.. They were finally here to play us an amazing show but who knew that it would turn out the way it did?

(Vic Fuentes FanFiction) Baby this is paradise, and it's so god damn good.Read this story for FREE!