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mermaid: YAY

mermaid: you can see midnight

bigdmilo: whose that

mermaid: my cat

bigdmilo: I'm about to call you

mermaid: what time is it over there

bigdmilo: it's 11 am.. What about over there

mermaid: 5 am

bigdmilo: are you a vampire

mermaid: nah babes I just sleep all day so I can stay up all night

bigdmilo: I'm about to call you

mermaid: wait I need to put clothes on

bigdmilo: how about your birthday suit baby ;)

mermaid: fuck off

I run to my closet and throw on a sweater. My pulse is racing and I don't know why. I can't believe I'm about to Skype this fucking guy. I don't bother to put on a bra because I must set the twins free. My knee socks are still on from earlier, and plus it's cold in the house.

My computer beeps, telling me someone wants to chat. I feel my heart beating out of my chest. Rushing to my bed, I pick up midnight, sitting him on my thighs.

I click the accept button waiting to see him. A shirtless guy pops up on screen. His vibrant emerald eyes meet my hazel ones. I smirk at him.

"Holy fuck you're real." My voice squeaks. I didn't intend on it but it did.

"Alice. The girl who loves giving me blue balls." His voice rasps.

Holy shit. His voice is fucking deep and sensual. I feel my inner fan girl creeping out.

"Your voice is fucking hot. What the hell Harry you can't do that to me." I rant.

He laughs and he's dimples pop out. I admire him. He has many tattoos. His hair is tousled, as if he just woke up. It's long and wavy. Boys with bright eyes and dark hair are the reason for my existence.

"Already eye fucking me, eh?" He asks.

I laugh at him. "As if."

Biggest fucking lie I've ever told.

"Is that midnight? He's so cute. Can I have him." Harry pleads.

"Hell no. My baby." I say kissing midnight head."

"Your hair is really pretty." He says.

"Thank you fuckboy. That's very kind of you." I counter back.

"You look like a mermaid. The ones that you see sitting on rocks while the wind blows their hair back." He says.

"Harry are you on some drugs are shit like that?" I question him seriously.

He laughs at me. I raise an eyebrow.

"What the hell is so funny." I ask.

"Your nipples are hard." He smirks.

Oh fuck.

"It's either cold, or I'm making you horny."

I smirk at him. "Both actually."

Harry groans. I mean the sex God groans. My fucking hormones are out of control.

"Alice, baby, where is your bra?" He asks.

I turn around, and pick up the blue bra. Harry's eyes widen.

"Fucking lace, and you have knee socks on. Alice are you trying to kill me?" He asks.

"Yea. I would hope to get some of your insurance money." I smile.

He shakes his head. "You are one of a kind, baby girl."

I blush. Why the fuck am I'm blushing?

"Aww little Alice is blushing. That's almost as cute as midnight."

"Fuck off you dick." I groan.

"I'd rather fuck you with my dick. And, calling me a dick won't help with your hard nipples." He shoots back.

"Maybe I'll go masturbate." I smirk.

Harry's eyes go wide. "Only if it's in front of this camera."

"Nah. I'll pass." I smile.

"You made me all hard now Alice. I can't sit here the whole time with a hard on." He groans.

"Aww. Did I make Milo hard?" I laugh.

He gives me a shut-the-fuck-up look. "Show me your tits."

"Fuck no. Go take care of Milo. My boobs want nothing to do with this." I smirk.

"Stop smirking." He demands.

I shake my head. "Don't think so."

"Harry don't you have school today?" I ask.

He smirks at me. "Yea, but daddy had to see his baby girl."

My jaw drops at him. He smirks at me, his hard on showing through his sweats.

"Chill Harold. Fucking chill. Holy shit." I say rushed.

"I really need to take care of Milo." He groans.

I smile at him innocently. "Ok, daddy. Think about me the whole time." I say.

Harry emits a small gasp. His face flushes.

"Fuck, Alice!" He moans.

He actually moans. My legs shake at his deep, throaty moan.

"I think you need to take care of your problem." I whisper.

Harry comes closer to the camera, his eyes boring into mine.

"You give me blue balls." He chuckles.

I smile at him. "Sorry daddy. Too bad you can't punish me." I smirk.

Harry lets out a grunt. I love playing with him like this.

"I have to go. Fuck, it's your fault." He says. His voice is raspier and his accent is thicker.

I laugh at him. "Bye daddy."

I hear another moan, and I laugh at him. Harry ends the call.

"What a fun game." I say talking to midnight.


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