Amzy's pov

Everyone hugged us ! As sain took some photos ! Everyone looked happy . after some minutes shehry left the room . this minute i wanted him but he left . i think he left for some reason.

The nurse came and gave me medicines . i drank and felt a lil dizzy so i closed my eyes and slept .

Shehry's pov

I left the room and talk to the cops . i told them about adeel ! They noded and left to catch adeel. I stood there with a different feeling .

"Shehry ? " i heard asim and he stood infront of me ! "Hmm ? " i hummed not meeting his gaze . "i'm sorry ! " i said lowly but instead saying something he hugged me.

"Meri behan ko hamesha khush rakhna ! Aur agr phir se use tang kiya ya koi bhi ghum diya ! Tou main cousin bn k nahi bhai bna k aun ga ! " he whispered and i smile shortly . he broke the hug and i looked at me.

"I'm proud of you ! " he said and patted my shoulder . "emmm i think you should stay here main aur hussain sara kam krwa lein ge ! " he added and i nodded my head .

Everyone left except me ! I went to cafetaria to grab a coffee .i ordered and sat on a table . i forget to tell mona and ati about this Nikkah . i dialled up her number . after 2 call she receive the call.

Me : salam mona kaise ho ?

Mona : theek hun yaar bs bachon k peeche lagi hui hun . tm btao ?

Me : woh mona main ne ye batane k liye phone kiya tha ! (I narrated the whole thing to her )

Mona : main bs thori dair main arahi hun .

Me : okay i'm waiting .

Then i hung the call up and took my coffee and went in her room . i open the door and walk inside the room . i walk upto her but she was asleep ! Her hairs were losely tied but some hair strangs are on her face . i strech my hand and tuck her strangs behind her ear . i sighed and look at her clipboard . i smile cause her name was written like i always wanted "Amsal shehryaar asif ".

I hold her hand with drip attached to it . i kissed softly on her hand. "Always and forever mine " i whispered and stare at her face .

Amzy's pov

I woke up my  head feels heavy i'm not gonna take this medicines now ! I open my eyes slowly . theres no one in the room. Good everyone left me . i felt my hand heavy i look down and saw shehry sleeping while holding my hand .

"Shehryaar ? " i said slowly and brush his hairs softly with my other hand . "hmmm " he hummed but still eyes closed . "uth jao i'm starving ! " i said lowly again and this time he woke up .

"Wait let me go and get the doctor ." he said but i shook my head . "don't go ! " i said lowly and he furrowned. "Please ? " i asked and he noded.

"Thank you ! " i said and he look at me ! Our eyes met . "thank for everything . thank for what you're gonna do ! Thank you for being here! Thank you for saving me ! " i said and break the gaze and look away .

"I'm sorry for what i tried to do with zaroon . i'm sorry ! " he said lowly looking down and i know he is thinking . "shehryaar ? " i speak lowly and he look up "what you did was right but your way of doing was wrong ! And i already forgived you ! " i said and smile at the end .

His eyes sparkled and i was look straight in his eyes. Then my room's door burst open ! The police officer came in and shehry stood . "emmm we need her statement ! " the officer said and the officer came and sat on the stool where shehry was sitting.

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