Today is one of those days where I wish I went to another school.

It's not like the popular girl bullies me, or I have a bad life, or God forbid I broke up with a boyfriend. I just feel as if I'm surrounded by idiots. Some days I wish I could wear a shirt that says I Hate You All, but I haven't found a shirt that says that yet.

As I walk down the hallways of Fairfield High School, I hear girls giggling over a cute boy, talks of last weekend's party, and complaining over how much homework someone had to complete. I roll my eyes. And let's not forget the cliché groups that stand in the middle of the hallway, chatting away like they don't have a class to get to in three minutes. As always I, being as short as I am, have a hard time pushing my way through the crowd just to make it to class on time. I actually care about getting to class before the bell rings and I actually care about getting good grades in my classes. I don't play any sports, so I can't depend on my athletic ability to get me into a decent college. I guess I'm considered a nerd. Labels don't matter to me though.

Not being acknowledged is fine with me. I just want to get through the year with no problems. I don't need best friends to gossip with and I don't need to be hanging on the arm of some guy.

I waltzed into my last class of the day, which was history, and prayed time would go by quickly. I'm actually not in the learning mood today. But class did pass by swiftly and I was thankful for that. My teacher Mrs. Clarke stopped me on my way out and handed me a book she thought I'd be interested in. After making a quick stop at my locker, I left the building and started to walk down the sidewalk. I never bothered my mom for a car since my house is within walking distance from the school and I never go anywhere outside of school.

I rounded a corner and opened the book Mrs. Clarke had given me and began to read the first chapter. When I heard footsteps behind me, I didn't think anything of it. That's when the footsteps increased in speed and sounded like they were getting closer. Before I could turn around to investigate, I was knocked to the ground and my book fell out of my hands onto the sidewalk.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed immediately. I frantically stood up and dusted myself off. That's when I came face to face with him.

Aiden Callaway, Fairfield High's known trouble kid, was standing in front of me and was looking around wildly. His eyes landed on my book, which was still on the ground. He hastily picked it up and shoved it into my arms. "Here." He grumbled.

I frowned. He ran into me and has the nerve to snap at me? I wanted to hit him as hard as I could with my book, but I figured that wouldn't help my situation. He wasn't someone I wanted to be acquainted with in any shape or form. His whole aura screamed antagonistic. So instead of hitting or yelling at him, I simply walked away without saying a word.

"What? No thank you?" I heard him ask behind me.

"Thank you." I said simply, without turning around. This ended up being a big mistake.

My shoulder was yanked back and I was facing Aiden yet again. He wore an irritated expression as he spoke. "You don't have to be bitchy about it." He said, scrunching his nose.

I scoffed. "I think I can. You're the one who ran into me and never bothered to apologize or ask if I was fine." The nerve of this guy!

He frowned slightly. "Stay out of my way next time."

"Or next time you can run around me like a normal person would."

"Like you would know anything about being normal."

"Excuse you?" I demanded. "You're being rude and just for that, you aren't a normal person either!"

He stared at me and I was immediately embarrassed by my lame comeback. Then he burst into laughter and I felt my cheeks heat up even more. "Wow." He chuckled. "You really aren't normal."

"There he is!" Someone yelled in the distance. I glanced around Aiden's tall figure and noticed two guys running in our direction. Aiden whirled around and saw them also.

"Shit." He cursed. He grabbed my arm and started to run.

I was running with him when I realized what a stupid idea it was. I tried yanking my arm away but his grip tightened and I couldn't release myself. "Let go!" I yelled at him.

"Stop struggling!" He yelled back.

A car halted in the street and the passenger side window rolled down revealing a guy wearing dark sunglasses. "Come on, Aiden!" The driver shouted.

Aiden yanked open the backseat door and I panicked. I tried once again to pull away from Aiden but I couldn't match his strength. He pushed me into the backseat and flung himself next to me. The car took off and Aiden rapidly shut the car door.

I sat up in the seat and started to breath heavily. I glanced around and thought of ways to escape.

"You need to calm down." Aiden said to me.

My fists then connected with his arm repeatedly. "Do not tell me to calm down! I just met you and you pulled me into a speeding car while being chased by two maniacs! This is practically kidnapping!" I screeched at him as I punched.

My small hands did little damage; he didn't even flinch. He laughed at me instead. "Relax. Those guys are gone."

"Who were they anyways? Why were they chasing you?" I asked.

"Just some guys I owe money to." He shrugged casually.

I looked out the window and saw that we were driving in the opposite direction of my house. I groaned and slumped into the seat.

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