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(Y/n) pov
It was lunch time and I was walking to the table with Gumball. Me and Gumball have been talking since this morning. Honestly hes a lot of fun. While we walked we passed a girl about 5'6, brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a orange dress with matching converse. He look like a love sick puppy when she said hi. I found it adorable. We got to the table and he set his tray down. I looked at him with a smirk. He blushed lightly. "I.... That was nothing..." he stuttered. I just smiled and nodded. "Really? Cause I think I could help you with her. She seems nice." I said and his eyes lit up. "Really!?" I nod. I got up and caught up with the girl. "Hi! Names (y/n)." I smiled walking next to her. She smiled. Two antlers matched her hair perfectly. "Hi. Im Penny." She said happily.
We went back and ate lunch together. "Hey guess what?" I smiled looking at her brown eyes. She tilted her head. "Gumball likes you." I whispered. A small blush went to her cheeks. "Gosh.... I had a thought he did but didn't really know.." she said smiling. And ta da! Now my new friend has a date!

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