Chapter 18: Double Date

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--three days later--

"I'm going to be spending my lunch break studying, you can join me if you want," I suggested to Yongguk who made a disgusted face which made me laugh, "--or not."

"I usually don't like to spend my lunch breaks studying but I'll just go to the cafeteria and get you something. I'll be back." Yongguk kissed me on the cheek and my reflex was to push his face away.

"I'm so sorry...force of habit..." I apologized for my lameness, but fortunately he didn't get so offended. I was too used to acting like I couldn't stand Yongguk.

He ruffled my hair then I was left by myself in the quad table. It's been three days since I admitted how jealous I was of him and Nayeon and since then, Yongguk would always try to kiss me or  subtly hold my hand to class. I thought I  already became used to his actions but I still have that djvngkfdnvd feeling every time he does something. I also can't help but look at our surroundings to see if anyone saw us, PDA makes me feel awkwarddd. 


I looked up and noticed Hyuna was sitting across from me. She was resting her head on her hands and was smiling. 

"Hi Hyuna."

"I just saw you and Yongguk a while ago," She smirked but the fact that someone saw that make my face turn a light tint of pink. "You guys are too cute together." 

"O-oh..." I nodded politely. Was I supposed to say thank you? I'm not sure. 

"Have you guys gone on a date yet?"

A tilted my head, "A date? No?" 

"Are you serious? Never?" Hyuna placed her hand over her mouth as I shook my head 'no.' "You know what would be pretty fun? A double date! The four of us!"

"The four of us? You mean me and Yongguk and you and Daehyun?"

"Yeah! That'd be fun! I've also never been on a double date before so I'll be looking forward to it. I'll get your number from Daehyun and then we can talk more about this later," She squeezed my hand, then left. 

I don't really remember agreeing to a double date, but I think Hyuna had already made up her mind...Well I suppose I don't mind that much, it's not like I like Daehyun anymore so it wouldn't be awkward in that sense...but there's still Yongguk. 


On the day of the double date, Yongguk wasn't really feeling it but I felt bad since Daehyun and Hyuna seemed so excited. I still can't believe I convinced him to go. Daehyun and Hyuna basically planned everything for today. It was going to be a picnic in the park, I wonder if all of their dates were usually this cute. Yongguk and I arrived at the park first and I brought the blanket to put on the grass. 

"I still don't really like that guy," Yongguk sneered. 

"Why? He didn't do anything to you. Actually, Daehyun should be the one to not like you; you almost hit him and threatened him to stay away from me."

"Yeah..." Yongguk chuckled. I'm guessing he was thinking back to that time. "I should have punched him back then."

"Wait what? No--" I was cut off after  hearing Daehyun's voice behind me. Him and Hyuna were waving at us and they brought a picnic basket with them.

"Hey, glad you could make it," Daehyun said cheerfully and extended his hand to Yongguk. I glanced at Yongguk and he unwillingly shook hands with Daehyun.

"This is the first time we're all hanging out outside of school," Daehyun leaned in and gave me a hug. Yongguk didn't look too happy about that. He grabbed the back of Daehyun's shirt and pulled him off of me.

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