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We were doing horrible!...SIKE NAW we were doing great! The people stopped messing with us. We didn't know why they was tho we ain't even so nothing...I didn't I don't know about Yn tho.

Chris:Hey babe how was the shoot

Yn:Great the kids are great!

Chris:*laughs* Your their momma!

Yn:Uhh yea but they bad asses in the show shiit I woulda been beat them!

Chris:Ha! But guess what I found

Yn:*talks quiet* What?

Chris:*holds it up* Why didn't you tell me

Yn:Cause! I was scared!

Chris:Of what!?

Yn:Uh you duh

Chris:Im not scary

Yn:Are to

Chris:Am not

Yn:Are to! You three year old!

Chris:Actuall twelve

Yn:*laughs* Weirdo! I swearrr!

Chris:You're still in trouble

Yn:I'm sowwy! But be happy! That means I get to

Chris:Have sex with him

Yn:Nooo! I get to be in a video with TREY FUCKING SONGZ

Chris:I still don't like it

Yn:I'll do the 2012 video with you 😏

Chris:Fine *kisses you*

Yn:*kisses back the runs to the other side of the room* Not now!

The next night


Chris had rehersal and said he was going out with some friends after.


Dani:*walks in* Can I sleep with you till I fall asleep *rubbing eyes and yawns standing in the door way*

Yn:Yes Hunty

Dani:*lays down* Goodnight I love you


Dani:*mumbles a prayer and falls asleep*

Every night she prays for God to keep her safe from danger. Bless her heart. I hate this life sometimes...I wish I was normal again. But I guess it won't happen now...I guess.


I was drunk as hell! I didn't know they was gonna take me to a fucking club!

??:*kissing me*

Chris:*kissing back*

??:*adds tongue*

Chris:*adds his and we have tongue wars*


Chris:*pulls away*

I drank a couple more drinks and then everything was a blur I was so damn drunk I felt like like ------- a woman...but I shouldn't don't come at my neck right now bitches hoes and wife! I got in a taxi cab and went home. I kissed like all the girls in the club! Some was horrible!


I heard the front door open and looked at the clock. It was 3:00am and he was just getting home. TF he better not think I'm dumb and he better not be drunk we have kids! I already put Dani in her bed and I heard her pray and fall asleep again...so sweet! But Chris yea he betta not I know how he is when he drunk! Yaw just don't know...

Chris:*walks in*

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