Unruly Servant (chapter 8)

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A/N: You should watch the youtube video link I have on the side if you enjoy some SebastianxCiel. The song really doesn't go with the chapter, but I had to put it on here because of the teasing Tessa puts Ciel though in this chapter.

Chapter Eight

Dinner was certainly going to be eventful. I could tell that as soon as I was sent to my new quarters directly across from Ciel’s, along with all the gowns and dresses I’d bought this afternoon. I stared at them with hard blue eyes, blaming myself for getting into this mess. If only I’d not allowed myself to be persuaded into showing Mey-Rin the dress. If only I had allowed them to get into trouble for stalling for me.

If only.

But I could definitely see the brighter end to this dilemma and as I thought on it more, I found myself increasingly pleased with this new turn of events. For one thing, I would no longer have to act as a simple servant as I was now the sister of the head of the house. Along with also being able to order Sebastian around when guest were watching. 

The demon in me was having too much fun running wild with that last idea. I lived to tease, but bothering others similar to my kind was also just as entertaining. Besides, Sebastian had always been a cocky one. He deserved a little humbling every now and then.

I pressed a finger to my lips and bit down lightly, smirking. Oh I was going to be absolutely amused for the next few days. 

A knock sounded on my door and I turned to look up at it, removing my hand from my mouth and moving it to my hair instead, pretending to pin a loose curl back into place.

“Enter,” I called, watching through the mirror before me as Sebastian entered the room and bowed at the waist.

“Miss Phantomhive, I am here on orders of the master to escort you to the dinning hall for this evening’s meal,” he stated, rising from his bow.

I turned and smiled, “Alright, just give me one second.”

I reached froward and grabbed a pale pink glass bottle of perfume from the vanity. I lightly sprinkled myself with the sweet smelling stuff on my wrist and neck. The rich scent filled the room up even though the usage had been minimal like only an expensive perfume could. I smiled and turned back to Sebastian.

“I am ready now.”

Sebastian turned slightly and offered me his arm, which I carefully wound my arm through. I allowed him to lead me from the room and into the hall. 

“So you do have the ability to be a gentleman?” I giggled softly.

Sebastian looked at me out of the corner of his eye, “And are you referring to your time as a servant under my master or as a demon?”

I smirked, “Why a demon of course! You never were much of the refined type of men I found tasteful.”

This time he grinned, “Oh? You didn’t seem to mind that much at the time.”

I flushed and glanced away, “How shameful of you, speaking in such a way! Is that anyway a butler should be talking?”

That wiped the smile right off his face and I couldn’t help but let the smug feeling take over me. One thing that made succubus different from most demonic beings we didn’t know the pains of being bound by contract. We were always free to act as we pleased. I knew very well that I’d touched a sore spot in him. As he was a butler at this time he would have to act accordingly to what his master had ordered him to act. 

“I would watch what you say, miss,” Sebastian said coldly.

The hidden threat, just barely concealed within the realms of what was safe for him to speak, slide right off my body like water off glass. If I had been human I might have found this frightening, but since I wasn’t it didn’t even phase me.

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