Chapter Eighteen - Sweetness on My Tongue

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For a week, Xiao Xiao was on edge, jian close to her hand, green pearl in her pouch. The assassins might come again. Wicked woman, would she stop tormenting Mother? Such a jealous jealous woman. Doesn't she have a heart?

While Xiao Xiao waited, autumn grew colder. She craved sweet things, especially maltose honey. She tried seeking Ming Zhu out, but the dragon princess seemed to have disappeared once more. Only that the connection was still there, like a warm glow in her chest. She wanted to share so much with her. Ming Zhu remained a mystery. Perhaps she too was a mystery to the dragon princess.

So much to learn from each other, so little time.

Maltose Honey Candy

Maltose honey (go to an Asian shop)

Two wooden sticks (ice-cream sticks will do fine)

1. Scoop up a dollop of maltose honey. Careful: the maltose honey can be really sticky and thick.

2. Twirl with the wooden sticks until the color of honey turns a caramel-white.

3. Enjoy!

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