Chapter 12: Sour Gummy Worms

            After her confession on Friday evening, Lena and I had grown even closer. We spend out breaks together and we texted regularly. She trusted me know and I could feel it.

She was still reserved, and didn’t go around telling her whole life story to every person she meets, but whenever something was troubling her she would come to me. She still hadn’t asked me to come over to her place to help her with the house cleaning, but I suspected that she needed some more time.

Nicole and Lena had on the contrary grown even more apart, which troubled Lena a lot. She hadn’t cried since, but in her eyes I could see the sadness whenever she looked at Nicole. One day she actually found Nicole at a café that was supposedly her and Nicole’s spot; for some weird reason that was considered as some sort of betrayal in Lena’s eyes.

I was still trying to find the perfect guy for Lena, and I already had three boys in our school picked out.

Prospective future boyfriend number 1 is called Charlie. He is a smart guy, who without to much trouble would be able to handle Lena’s remarks. He was also known to be pretty funny, and when I scanned him, he seemed to be compatible with Lena.

The second candidate was Willem. He was an exchange student from France and had an accent that all the girls from our school seemed to be in love with. Every girl in the school wanted to date him. There is no single reason for Lena to reject him, but knowing her she would probably find something.

The last possibility was Alex. He wouldn’t have been my first pick for Lena, but in any case he would be able to handle her. He was one of those guys who had that bad boy vibe to him, but when I scanned him I could feel that it was just a image he was projecting to the whole school. He was actually quite caring and he respected girls.

I really hoped that Lena would like, and even fall in love with one of them, because otherwise I was screwed. She had given me 3 chances and I couldn’t waste them.

“Hey, Cupid!” I heard someone shout from behind me. I turned around in surprise and saw Lena walking towards me with a small smirk on her face.

“What did you call me?” I asked bewildered.

“Cupid. That’s what you are, no? You’re my own personal cupid.”

It took me a while to understand that Lena wasn’t serious about me being a real cupid. She was just joking.

She gave me a questioning look and said: “What’s wrong? It looks like you just saw a ghost or something.”

“I’m… I… I was just thinking about something else.” I stuttered.

“About what?”

“Eh… who your next date will be.”

“Oh,” She said while her smile disappeared. “I was hopping you had forgotten about that deal.”

“You under estimate me, Lena. I am your personal cupid after all.” I said with a wink. If only she knew how true that was.

“Yeah sure, cupid boy. So who’s the next victim?”


“Charlie?” She repeated with a questioning tone.

“You know. They guy who’s in Nicole and my Geography class.”

“Do you really think I know the names of every person in this school?”

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