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a/n: there's gonna be a decent amount of smut/talk of sex in this book, so yeah. You were warned.

"Hey dude, pass me a thumbtack would ya?"

I looked up from my phone to where my room-mate Jaden was standing on his bed, trying to put up a poster. From what I could see, it was a woman with bright blue hair singing into a mic.

"Yeah, hold up," I answered, getting off my bed with a grunt (okay, that needed to stop. I was starting to sound like an old man) and walking over to his side of the room. I picked up a purple one from the small box laying on his desk and handed it to him, watching as he thanked me and pinned up the top left corner. "Who's that?"

His jaw dropped as he turned to face me. "It's Halsey! She's a singer, she's badass and I love her. So much."

I rolled my eyes amusedly at him as he continued, "Well, anyways, now that you're my room-mate, you're gonna hear a decent amount of her stuff."

"Alright, cool." I shrugged. "I'm always down for new music."

He smiled at me, and was about to say something else when someone knocked on the door. I turned to him expectantly and he just rolled his eyes, jumping off the bed before opening the door. "Oh hey, sup Luke."

I peered over to see a blond guy standing there, his hair quiffed much like Jaden's, although Jaden's was much taller (was that even the correct term to use when talking about quiffs?). He was wearing a red flannel and the top three buttons were open, revealing his prominent collarbones. "Hey Jaden," the blond greeted my room-mate. "Heard you had a new room-mate?"

"Yeah!" Jaden smiled, turning and gesturing for me to come over. "This is Calum. He transferred from Sydney and he doesn't know who Halsey is."

"Nice to meet you." I nodded, watching as Luke's eyes trailed down my body.

He bit at his lip ring, giving me a smirk. "Nice to meet you too, Calum."

Jaden rolled his eyes before scoffing. "You done, Lucas?"

"Nah," Luke answered with a shrug, before leaning against the doorframe. "So, Calum. You got anyone back in Sydney?"

"Luke..." Jaden warned, but Luke just waved a hand at him.

"No," I answered, a little wary as I crossed my arms. 

Luke just smirked, pushing himself off the doorframe before saying, "Then I'll see you around, Cal," and walked away.

I watched as Jaden closed the door with wide eyes. "Who was that and why-"

"That's just Luke. He hits on everyone," Jaden explained, thumping me on the back. "Don't take it personally. Now come help me, I have a few more posters to put up."

"He hits on everyone?"

Jaden nodded, climbing back onto his bed. "Yeah, he's a fuckboy."

"People still use that term?!"


A few hours after my encounter with Luke, Jaden and I both had our music theory class. The professor was way more interesting than any teacher I had back in school or in my last uni, so it was a pretty good first class, if I say so myself.

After class, Jaden took me on a tour of the school. I had gotten to see a little bit of it when I had moved into the dorm, but not when it was full of people and I certainly didn't have a guide quite like Jaden.

"Yeah, so there's the library, where all the, like, maths majors ha-" he explained, before cutting himself off. "Hey Chrissy, looking good today babe." He winked at a short girl passing by, who answered him by flipping him off. She was laughing, though, so I didn't really worry about it. "Anyways, yeah. Maths majors and stuff."

He swung an arm around my shoulder as we walked alongside the elevated library, soon reaching the steps that were overlooking an open, grassy area with students sitting around it and a fountain in the middle. "We kinda just call this the fountain area. I don't think it has name."

We made our way down the steps, and I jumped the last one before turning around to see Jaden talking to (or, most likely, chatting up) a guy who was sitting on the steps. I rolled my eyes as I watched the guy look genuinely interested in whatever Jaden was saying. When I realised Jaden was not going to be done anytime soon, I sighed, sitting down on the lowest step, and pulled out my phone. I was just about to open up instagram when someone sat down beside me, making me look up to see the guy from earlier, Luke.

"Hey, Calum, was it?" he asked, and I nodded. "Fancy seeing you here."

"We go to the same uni. It's not a big surprise."

Luke raised an eyebrow, his lips turning up into an amused smirk. "Sassy, eh? I like it."

"Glad you do," I answered with a shrug.

"So," Luke started, leaning back on his arms and looking at me. "What's it like in Sydney?"

"Pretty much the same as here. Just another city."

Luke nodded. "And what brings you to Perth?"

"Uh, I didn't like uni back in Sydney, and I wanted to do something different," I explained. "All my friends, everyone I've ever known is still in Sydney, but I wanted something new."

"I'm something new," Luke pointed out, the smirk ever-present on his face.

I rolled my eyes. "You don't even know I'm into guys."

"You're rooming with Jaden," Luke said, turning his head to nod at my room-mate. "You've gotta be a little gay to deal with him, otherwise you would've already signed up for a new room-mate."

I raised an eyebrow as Luke continued, "He's always like this. If they're hot, he doesn't care. He'll hit on them."

"Seems like that's something you and Jaden have in common."

Luke scoffed. "You have no d-"

Just then, someone sat down on my other side, and I looked over to Jaden observing Luke. He then looked at me. "Is this guy bothering you? I can have a word with him, if you want."

"I was just pointing out the similarities between you two." I shrugged, a playful smile on my face as I stood up. "Come on, Jaden, I'd like to see the school before tomorrow, if that's alright."

Jaden scoffed, but stood up anyways.

"I'm gonna head back to my, um, dorm," Luke announced, standing up as well.

"Great," Jaden answered. "We don't actually care."

Luke mimicked Jaden crudely before winking at me, and then he was off. Jaden threw an arm around me again and said, "Well, now that Luke's hit on you, I think you've officially become a student here. No one can escape Luke's hormones."

"Say that to all the people you hit on on the way here," I teased.

"Shut up."

a/n: if anyone wants to make a cover for this fic, it would be much appreciated!

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