Chapter 1

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"Where do you think you're going?" I heard my dad ask from behind me.  I groaned and let go of the door knob and turned around to face him.  My dad is really strict, he always has to know where I'm going and what I'm doing and who I'm with.  He also thinks he has a huge say in who I date but half the time I don't listen anyways.

"I'm going to Leah's" I said.  Leah and I have been best friends since we were three.  We do everything together, we even got our first tattoos together when we turned eighteen a few months ago. Our birthdays are a week apart which is amazing, so on her birthday we went to the tattoo parlor and each got a tattoo.  My dad doesn't know about it of course.

You may be wondering about my mom.  Well she left my dad six years ago and took my little sister Andrea with her.  I still see them a lot, seeing as I go over there on the weekends, and sometimes Andrea comes here but she's not a big fan of our dad.  I don't know how I got stuck living with him but it's whatever.  His new girlfriend moved in a month ago, they've been dating for a year and half and I honestly don't know how she tolerates my dad sometimes.  It's a good thing I like Cindy, because otherwise it would be a huge problem.  Cindy has a nineteen year old son Tommy who lives with us too since his dad skipped town on them when he was four.

"Okay, are you spending the night?" He asked, looking down at the bag in my hand.

"Yeah I am, sorry I should've said that" I said shaking my head.  He nodded and walked over and kissed me on the forehead.

"Do you know when you'll be home tomorrow?" He asked yet another question.

"No, I should be home by dinner though" I said and he nodded.

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow" He said.  I turned around and opened the front door and walked out to my car.  I threw my bag in the passenger seat and headed off to Leah's.  Yeah I am actually going to Leah's but what my dad doesn't know, and will never know, is that we're going to a club tonight.  Leah managed to get us fake I.D.'s so we can get it and I'm more excited than I should be.

I pulled up to Leah's house and parked my car on the street so it wasn't in the way.  I grabbed my bag and headed into Leah's house without knocking, her parents don't care anymore.  If someone walks in they know it's me.

"Hey Vanessa" Leah's mom, Patty yelled from the kitchen.

"Hey Mrs. Patty!" I yelled back, closing the door behind me and running up the stairs to Leah's room.  "I'm so ready for tonight" I said loudly, scaring Leah.

"Holy shit Van!" She yelled, throwing the closest thing at me which happened to be a pen.

"That was very dangerous Leah, I could've been stabbed" I said leaning down and picking up the pen. I walked over to her desk and placed it in the cup of pens and pencils.

"Sorry you scared me to death" She laughed, running the straightener through her hair a few more times before turning it off and setting it down.  "I hope you're not going dressed like that" She said eyeing my sweats.

"No, I couldn't leave the house in the outfit I'm wearing or my dad would get suspicious" I said tossing my bag on the bed and pulling out my outfit.  I picked out the clothes I was wearing tonight and took my sweats off and put on my other outfit.  I slipped on my pair of light wash denim skinny jeans and then a black bralet I found the other day at the store.  I walked over to Leah's vanity table and sprayed some of her perfume on me and then fixed the little makeup I wear, eyeliner and foundation.  Once that was fine I straightened my hair to perfection and then grabbed a pair of Leah's heels that I was in love with.  "Now I'm ready" I smiled at Leah, putting my one hand on my hip.

"Damn girl" She smirked looking me up and down.  She walked past me, slapping my ass in the process.  "You want to get some tonight" She laughed and I rolled my eyes playfully.

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