Chapter 2

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After getting everything they needed from Diagon Alley, they all went to get on the train.

"This is it!" England said.

"That's a wall." Said Japan bluntly. England sighed.

"Here, I'll show you how to get there," England stepped back and started running toward the pillar. To all of the other countries' surprise, he went straight through it. Soon they all followed. After everyone arrived, they got on the train.

Germany, Italy and Japan shared a cart, as did America, Canada and France, Russia, China and Prussia, and Spain and Romano. England decided to have a cart all to himself. Soon after he sat down, another man sat across from him.

"Hello, there!" The man said cheerfully. "Are you a teacher?"

"Yes, I'm new though. Im going to teach History," he extended his hand. "My name is Arthur. Arthur Kirkland."

"It's a pleasure," the man replied, shaking Arthur's hand. "I'm also new. My name is Remus Lupin."

"It's nice to meet you, Professor Lupin," he smiled at the man. He seemed to be a nice guy. "So, what are you going to teach?"

"Defense against the dark arts." Lupin replied proudly.

"Damn, you got the interesting class," Lupin laughed.

"Yeah, I guess I did." Lupin rested his head on the window, falling asleep. "I'm sorry for acting like this. I didn't get much sleep last night,"

"It's perfectly fine. This is nothing compared to my little brother..."

"Oh, you have a brother?" Lupin asked curiously.

"Actually, I have a total of six brothers. Four older than me, two younger than me." Thank goodness his older brothers didn't come. They'd never let him get any time to himself (though he doubted that he would get much of that the way things were now).

"Are your younger brothers attending school here?"

"Yes, they're third years. Their friends are going too,"

"That sounds nice." Lupin said, before falling asleep. Arthur smiled to himself. This man was going to be a great teacher. A very likeable one, at least. After a few minutes of staring out of the window, a trio of students appeared at the door.

"Excuse me?" The brunette girl said. "May we sit?" Arthur nodded, and the three sat down. The girl and a red headed boy sat next to him, while a black haired boy with glasses sat next to Lupin.

There were two thing Arthur noticed about the boy. One: the scar on his forehead. It made it painfully obvious who this boy was. Harry Potter. That wasn't the only thing that gave it away, though. Two:

"You have your mother's eyes, Harry," the three teens shot up in surprise at Arthur's words.

"You...knew my mother?" Harry asked.

"Yes, mister potter, I did. They were good friends of mine when I attended Hogwarts."

"So you used to be a student?" The girl asked.

"Yes I did," Arthur smiled, remembering going to school with his brothers.

"What house?" The red head asked.

"Slytherin," the teens froze. "What? Did I say something?"

"Well, that just came as a shock, since you're so..." The girl carefully searched for words, but before she found them, the red head finished her sentence.

"Not a complete jerk." Arthur almost laughed. His brothers and him were among some of the only slytherin said to not be evil.

"That's because you just met me. I can be quite the jerk when I want to be," the teens laughed at this. "Oh, by the way, I'm Professor Kirkland, I'm your new History teacher. That," he pointed to Lupin "is Professor Lupin, the new defense against the dark arts teacher."

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