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Cast of Characters

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Agatha - owner of The Hotel California

Alan - assistant to real estate agent for Parcel B.

Alex - associate in an investment firm that invests in real estate, who had handled a previous mortgage for my Parents, and gave my Dad advice about what happens when your property gets auctioned off at the Courthouse by the Bank.

Bill – the Bank's property rep for Parcel A.

Burt - locksmith for the two Lock-Outs on Parcel B.

Doc – our family chiropractor.

Dumpster Divers – two men who trespassed on Parcel A to rummage through the dumpster. On the second trip they brought "Ma Kettle".

Everett - Mary's husband and close neighbor.

The Foundation – an organization that was interested in helping fund some of our SOF Veterans History Project.

Gavin - neighbor and Lisa's husband.

Giles - associate to The Foundation.

Greg - Dad's Therapist for his weekly veteran group.

Henry - old friend of my Parents who turned us down for help and chewed my Dad out on why he hadn't come to him a year prior for help.

John - real estate appraiser and neighbor who Dad called for advice on our Foreclosure and the current real estate market.

Joseph – My Dad.

Keith - Dad's friend who assisted him with a veteran interview.

Larry - real estate agent for Parcel A.

Lisa - neighbor who called my Dad and told him she and her husband, Gavin, read the article in the local newspaper.

Ma Kettle - An older woman who accompanied the Dumpster Divers on their second trip to Parcel A.

Mary - first neighbor who started asking my Dad questions like she'd heard about our Family Farm being in Foreclosure.

Nancy - paralegal from the Legal Aid Firm for senior's that helped my Parents fill out the paperwork to file at the Courthouse.

Nathan - real estate agent for Parcel B.

Pam - Mom's friend from early school years.

Ric - neighbor who asked if we were selling the Farm when he saw the Foreclosure in the "Legal Notice" section of the local newspaper.

Susie - a cousin of Mom's who turned her down for financial assistance to save the Farm.

Tom - investment firm's representative for the mortgages on Parcel C and D.

Viv - my closest friend.

Willie - Local AM Radio Station Personality.

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