Thank You...

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copyright 2015 Chris Smith  All rights reserved.

Thank you for the gift of this journey.

I wish to thank all the people who have crossed my path, either friend or foe. I learned because of you, sometimes in spite of you. I learned and advanced myself, even under the harshest of lessons. I wish all of you only the very best life has to offer you and yours.

Thank you to my Parents. At the end of the second longest journey of my life, I would not have changed my traveling companions for any amount of gold. I could not have picked more interesting, hearty, funny, infuriating, shipmates who not only pushed me to the absolute limits, but loved me in spite of all my own issues. They always believed this was a story I needed to tell for my own sanity and they stood behind me the entire journey with their love and support.

Special thanks to Vivie! Thank you for more than I could ever write on these pages. Thank you for providing me a safe environment in which I could share my bare bones raw story with you. Your eyes were the first to read this story. Your perspective and reaction to what I wrote, helped me BELIEVE in it too. I am continually grateful and appreciative to you for all you have helped me through.

A very special thank you to a few of my Flickr peeps, W, Chris, Phil, Valerie, Manuel, Michelle, Corrado, and so many others who knew about this story before anyone else, including loved ones. You were supportive during a horrible time in my life and I will be forever grateful for all your kindness and support.

And thank you beyond words, to all those, who lent a shoulder, a cyberhug, or cheered me on during the long and challenging journey of finishing the book. Thank you to my Beautiful Peeps on Twitter and IG. I can't tell you how much it meant to me, those little moments of light that filled me with enough hope to take another step in darkness.

Special thanks and gratitude to the Doc and Mrs. Doc, and the fantastic M & L, for helping us through. I don't know what we would have done without your kindness and support during the second worst period of our lives. I'm not sure we would have made it through without you. I'm not sure, I would have.

A thank you to the people, and stories that helped me get through not only writing the book, but the edit as well. I know, writing this story was a hell of a lot easier than editing it. A special nod to Joel Osteen for his books and his Sunday sermons. And numerous shout-outs to music artists who helped give me the fuel to push through. Thank you to Youtube and iTunes for your music.

To all the people, a lot of them strangers, who believed in us, prayed for us, in our darkest hours...despite the state of our lives at the time, I thank you. You'll never know just how much it meant. And thank you to all those who still pray for us and our prosperity.

Thank you to "The Secret", Rhonda Bryne, and all the people it featured. It was a stepping-stone in understanding for us.

Thank you to my Uncle, who left behind all Bob Proctor's self-help CD seminars at the Main House. Finding those turned out to be very timely! And thank you to him for reading my story and helping with the edit. He's been editing my words since I wrote a letter to the Hershey Corporation when I was in elementary school. I wouldn't trust anyone else, like I trust him, with my story or my words.

Thank you to the friends and family who knew, or found out (at whatever point), and loved us just the same. You really do find out who your true friends are, when the chips are down.

Thank you to the people and organizations who gave me permission to use their quotes, helped direct me towards the original quote source, or provided great sources of quotes and information for me to use. Your quotes and information helped bring my book to another level, a greater level, I believe. Thank you very much to American Psychiatric Publishing Inc.,, BMJ Publishing Group, Sean Hawks of GMMB, Robert Longley,, Stephen Hicks Ph.D. of the Center of Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

A very kind thank you to Andrew J. Neri for generously agreeing to answer my impromptu "Financial Crisis Q & A", which was a recent addition to the book.

Shout out to Vice President who denied my request to include a quote from their 2007 article published online, "Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans".

And thank you to you, the reader, whomever you may be, wherever you are, for whatever reason you decided to pick up this book and read my journey. I hope some small part of it, helps you in your own journey.

May the Light Bless You, and Peace Keep You.....

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