Chapter 18

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Hey y'all. Wattpad fucked up my chapters, so to read chapter 17, go to the next chapter. This is chapter 18.

(Trey's POV)

The one time I decide to stop playing girls, she fucks me over. I can't believe this bitch. And Ray bitch ass gon cry bout a hoe cheatin on him then go back and do the same thing. What kinda shit is that? It's all good though. Luckily, I knew somethin like this would happen, so I got a back up. Lemme call her right now.

-phone convo-

Her: hello?

Me: hey it's Trey

Her: oh hey Trey :) wassup

Me: nun much, just ridin round tryna clear my thoughts..

Her: oh what happened?

Me: my gf trippin

Her: aw man...well I mean if you ain't doin nothin you could slide through if you want..

Me: alright ill be over in a few.

Her: alright bye

Me: bye.

-phone convo ended-

I'ma scoop her up and take her back to the house just so Jazz can see that she ain't my only option.

(Prod's POV)

I woke up from the most restful sleep I've ever had, to see my angel sleeping peacefully. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was almost eight. My arms were wrapped tightly around her waist as her head rested upon my bare chest. The sun rays creeped through the blinds and slightly lit up the room. I removed my arms from around her, and sat up slightly with my head against the headboard. I would put my back against the headboard, but the scratches she left are a little sore. ;) She began to stir, causing me to freeze in my movement. She rolled over, now facing the window. I just stared at my beautiful queen and admired her features. Her flawless, caramel skin was glowing. Her curly, black and red curls were gracefully strewn across the pillow and draped onto her shoulder. Her curvy, hourglass-like figure was outlined by the red bed sheet. I kissed her on her shoulder softly, and looked at her face to see if she would respond. I slightly dragged my lips up to her neck and kissed it. I looked over at her again to see her smiling with her eyes closed.

Me: Good morning angel.

Her eyes fluttered open revealing to my surprise, crystal blue eyes. Her perfectly plump, pink lips formed a smile once she laid eyes on me.

Amilah: Good morning handsome.

Me: come here beautiful :)

She sat up and began to scoot over to me, until she realized that her body was bare and slightly exposed. She pulled the sheet up to her chest and looked away blushing heavily. I removed her hands, and pulled her onto me, making us chest-to-chest. She rested her chin on my chest and looked up at me with her new, bright blue eyes.

Me: no need to hide baby girl. I've already seen your beautiful body. How you feeling?

Amilah: I feel wonderful baby. You made me feel amazing last night :)

Me: oh? How so? Feel free to elaborate *smirks*

Amilah: *giggles* it was the way you did were so if I was the most delicate rose there ever was, yet so aggressive. Why you were so gentle, I don't understand. But I loved it.

Me: why wouldn't I be gentle with a virgin?

Amilah: *looks down and mumbles* because I wasn't one...

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