Chapter 1

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Hi, I'm Sarah Bell. I was a normal teenage girl until I did something incredibly stupid. Well before we jump to the gory part, I am apart of a broken down family. My Dad travels so I rarely see him, my mom lefted when I was 7 right after she gave birth to my little sister alice. So Alice and I are use to being alone and people leaving us... I don't let people come into our lives much, because they just leave.(wow I thought I was saving the gory part for last.)

I have a small group of friends that are close but they know how I am so we don't talk much... Especially after what happened.

It started in the middle of the night.
I couldn't sleep so I stayed up and listened to Alice's soft snores next to me. For a while the darkness scared me so I closed my eyes picturing a meadow where I met Blake...

I then heard something knock on my window. I slowly moved to my window and opened it to only get hit in the face with a pebble.

"Awe, wtf!" (I don't curse so I just say the letters)

"Oops sorry sarah!" Katy whispered

"Yea, you better be sorry you idiot." I growled

"Well we now we know she's ok." Dan laughed behind Katy

"What do you guys want?" I asked smiling to myself

"Well, I have heard there is going to be an amazing boat party not to far from here..." Dan said

"Are you seriously asking me to go to a boat party? Oh and I'm pretty sure a party that your not invited too." I laughed. These kids are so stupid for asking. I hate partying even after the last time I went to one.

"I'm not going." I said holding back the tears in my eyes

"Really? Sarah because of what happened with Blake is not letting you have fun is bullshit!" Katy started yelling
"You can be happy without that jerk!"

"Sarah you need this party. It will help you get your mind off things and you can meet new guys there." Dan said.
"Please come on Sarah."

I looked back at my sister as she was soundly asleep.

"I can't just leave Alice." I pointed

"She is like you Sarah, she can take care of herself." Katy put her hands on her hips

"Ugh. Fine for god sakes, ill go."

As I lefted window to put on some clothes Katy, and Dan were basically having a Dance party downstairs. This is the first time they convinced me to go to any party ever. Now I regret that decision.

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