Chapter 45: Dark clouds ahead

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Jade's P.O.V

I watched as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. She resisted, a smile on her face, turning her head away.

If that was me I wouldn't be playing a game, that's what she did. She played mind games and she made him think that he loved her when he didn't.

Not like he could love me

To my dismay he was smiling too, it spread across his beautiful face and it made his eyes look brighter. I could see that from where I stood behind a tree.

He caught her face and brought her even closer, any space between them was non existence and my chest ached for him, the lump in my throat grew so big I felt as if I was choking.

I had to look away when they started kissing, wishing that it was me in his arms instead of her; she didn't deserve him at all.

I didn't know what he saw in her, sure she was pretty, I sometimes wished that I looked like her; she seemed to get a lot of attention whereas I just blended in with my boring brown hair and paleness.

Despite all of this though, she was also fickle and crazy too. I'd heard that her mom had taken her to rehab and that she was now on antidepressants which didn't surprise me much.

I'd asked dad about it and he'd said that they only put teens on antidepressants if they had a fragile mental state or where close to committing suicide.

When they eventually stopped I went over to them cautiously, Reed saw me first and broke away, although to my disappointment his arms never left her.

He didn't smile like he usually did when he saw me and said "We need to talk" in a cold voice that he'd never used with me before. The lump seemed to get bigger and I felt as if I'd start crying, I tried my best not to, I didn't want to look weak in front of her.

Before I could speak he turned to Katy and said "I'll see you in a few minutes" in a much softer tone, she eyed me distastefully then she turned back to Reed.

"Yeah" and they kissed again, it was long and drawn out, I suspected for my benefit and she turned and cat walked off, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder.

Reed turned to me and demanded "What have you been saying about Katy?" his tone was so sharp it hurt me.

"I haven't said anything about her" I'd heard all of the rumors but I hadn't started any of them, last time I heard it had been the guy she'd cheated on Reed with, I think his name was Blake starting all of them.

"Bullshit, I know it was you who started rumors about her cheating on me again"

I couldn't believe he'd think that "I never said that Reed! I wouldn't say something like that"

"Well who did?"

"I don't know but it wasn't me!" I exclaimed, not wanting him to think badly of me.

He looked at me with those green eyes I'd fallen in love with but this time they were narrowed slightly and full of distrust.

"Look, Katy has enough to deal with without this. She's had a tough time lately and I don't want stupid rumors making things harder for her"

I wanted him to like me again "What's going on with her? You know I'm a good listener"

"It's private" he said his mouth a straight line, he still didn't trust me.

"Reed she cheated on you, clearly she can't be trusted" I wish I hadn't said that because the look he gave me was one I couldn't describe. I just knew that I'd said the wrong thing.

"I already told you that she has a lot going on. For now just stay away from her...and me too"

My mouth fell open "What?! Did she tell you to stay away from me?"

"It's my decision ok?" he sounded even more annoyed than before which wasn't good.

"But we're friends aren't we?" I felt the tears I had repressed earlier come to my eyes and no matter how much I blinked, they wouldn't go away.

He looked uncomfortable "Don't cry Jade, I just want to focus on Katy and our relationship. Maybe after everything is sorted then we can hang again, maybe" the way he said it suggested that we would not hang out at all.

He then started walking away and I felt the tears fall down my face and I sank to the floor. This wasn't the end.

I'd make that bitch pay for making him hate me.

Just you wait Katy, just you wait.

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