Merry Christmas, Ethan

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Lily's pov

I watched the sun rise over snowy Paris it was beautiful it brightened up the whole sky it made the dull snow look brighter, I had been awake for almost an hour listening to the birds singing the joists tune. The clock read 7:06a.m. it was unusually for me to be up so early but it was Christmas and every year on Christmas I would watch the sun rise and wait until I heard movement around the house. I sighed and leaned back into the window frame I had a blanket and a pillow to make the window ledge more conferral. To think last year Christmas was so different to what its like now, last Christmas my parents where away and my brother and I had chicken noddle's for are Christmas dinner, lovely right. But today I'm here in Paris with my best friends I would have never thought I would be here, I know the day hasn't really started yet but I have this tingling felling in my stomach left over from last night which told me it was going to be a good day.

After watching the sunrise I decided to get a glass of milk and wait for the others to wake, as I was walking down the corridor I began to smell it. The decadent aroma of French toast and eggs, I could also smell chocolate with the faint smell of syrup. I walked down the corridor a little bit faster to see who was cooking this amazing food. Once I got to the end of the hall which broke into the living room and kitchen I saw Ethan cooking away not noticing I was there it was only when I got closer I realized he had no shirt on and was humming Christmas tunes to himself, the one he was singing now was jingle bells.

"Having fun are we?" I say hopping onto a stool to see him turn around in shock just as he was flipping a pancake, which then fell on his face. I couldn't stop laughing, it was so funny that my stomach started to hurt, and as I was laughing he took the pancake off of his face and started to eat it.

"There not that bad actually " which made me laugh even more "and I am having fun its Christmas and this guy loves Christmas"

"Really? "


"I didn't know you cooked?" I say taking a couple of raspberries

"Only on special occasions " he says handing me my cup of tea, which he had gotten used to making from when I stayed over.

"So when you can be bothered?"

"Yeah basically" I giggled, he passed me some freshly made pancakes with French toast, eggs and bacon, I eat it all within in ten minutes and by the time I had finish everyone else had come out of there rooms ready for Christmas.

"Merry Christmas guys" I say happily

"I know it's Christmas and all Lily but just dial down the happiness until I get some coffee in me " my best friend says sitting beside me and putting her hands in her head.

"Someone's not a morning person" Ethan commented while sipping his coffee and reading the paper.

"If I recall Ethan you aren't ether" Charlie pointed out

"He is on Christmas " Riley says with his mouth full of bacon "you should cook more often mate"

"People shhhh " Mia says to all of us that cause us to laugh, I then excused myself to get changed.

We all decided that as it's our first Christmas away from home we would dress up a little bit, so I opted for a grey jumper dress with black tights. It was causal but it was dressy at the same time. When I came back from getting changed I saw all of the guys in different shirts, Ethan had white, Charlie had a dark blue one on and Riley was stood there topless with two shirts in his hands looking worried, as I walked up closer to them I heard Riley say

"Dude what colour?"

"Why dose it matter?" Charlie asked

"Because I want it to be perfect for here" he turned around and saw me. "Oh good you're a girl right Lily"

"Oh well spotted" I say crossing my arms which cause the boys to laugh

"Which shirt would Mia like?" he held up to shirts one black and one red, I tilted my head to the side and sighed "what what's wrong with them" he creased his brows together and looked at the shirts.

"Nothing, its just ..." I say

"Its just... its just what " I laugh at how adorable he's acting right now its Christmas not prom

"The black would look better on you, " I say taking the red one away and chucking it in the corner

"Are you sure?"

"Trust me... I'm sure "

"Okay thanks "and he runs down the corridor to his room.

"Did I just get a thank you from Riley Green!" Ethan nods "wow it's a Christmas miracle ' I say sitting in the corner of the couch.

"Do you want to wait until the love birds are back to open your presents or now?" Ethan asked sitting next to me

"You got me a present?" I asked shocked

"Well I have got everyone one as they have for everyone else" he says

"But I don't need anything"

"That's not the point Lily," Charlie laughs

"Um we can wait until they get back, who's cooking dinner?" I ask


"Do you want help "I ask and he nods

It was now about lunch time and the Christmas dinner was nearly finished, and everyone was watching a film I believe it was harry potter it is shown every year. I was in the kitchen making sure nothing burnt.

"Can we please open the presents" I heard Mia whine from Riley's arms

"I think we should ...come on Lily " I heard Charlie say

"You guys open yours i'll open mine later" I say looking in the stove when I felt hands pull my back out of the kitchen. "Let go of me!!!"

"Nope " I heard Charlie say and then he chucked me on the sofa and Ethan catched me.

"You're a dick," I say getting off Ethan's lap but he pulls me back to sit beside him

"I know but you have to open your presents with the rest of us.

Mia gives a present to each of us I got new ballet shoes and a sketchbook.

Charlie handed out his from him I got some boxing gloves, from riley I got a little comets cd. The last present was from Ethan I opened the big box to find a framed photo that he took it was the one I liked of all of us smiling and it was printed in A3. I looked at him and smiled it was the best present I have ever got.

"Thank you " I say hugging him

"What did you get?" Mia asks looking up from the shoes box

"Nothing you need to know about" I say putting the photo on the floor, I then gave out my presents to my friends to Riley I gave an Artic monkeys vinyl as Mia told me he loved them, I gave Charlie my favourite books to read, 'the great expectations', to Mia I gave her an urban decay makeup pallet which she had been going on about for ages. And last but no longer least a gave Ethan a new camera, I noticed the other day that he had a new one so instead I got him an old fashioned one that uses film, I got it from the market the other day.

"I love it Lily," he says looking at it in amazement.


"I'll gets it!" I say getting up

"And i'll plate up dinner. You guys can help" Ethan says and everyone gowns.

I was smiling when I opened the door but as soon as I did my mouth dropped open; at the door was a pale skinned, red headed and green-eyed girl. It was Nina, Ethan's best friend the girl he loves.

"Hi, I know its Christmas but dose Ethan King live here" she asks trying to look through the doorway.

"Lily who is it?" Ethan says

"Um... Ethan" I say calling him to the door he comes over admiralty everyone else started to worrie.

As soon as Ethan got to the door his face went from worried to shocked.

"Merry Christmas Ethan" Nina said.

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