As we got settled in the campsite, Not long after, the young woman known as Jane had walked back frustrated  to the camp followed by her father and Tarzan. It seemed her father had calmed her down mostly, but was still trying to make sure she had regained her peace of mind.

"Now Jane darling it'll be alright," her father said.

"But I feel like we're using Tarzan or more like Clayton is."

"Oh come now," Clayton started. "I'm sure Tarzan doesn't mind helping, do you Tarzan?"

"I'll help...." Tarzan replied.

"See now Jane everything is fine."

Then Jane noticed us and seemed quite embarrassed, "Oh dear, um hello, I apologize for my rudeness, I'm Jane. Jane Porter," She said while she held out her hand to us and shook both of them. "And this is my father."

"And I am Archimedes Porter," he father spoke as he oddly walked over and shook our hands. "But you can call me professor."

"Hi...nice to meet you," I spoke.

"Yes, now who are you darling?" the professor asked.

"Well I'm Ayame and this is Renxsuke," I said as I gestured to Renxsuke he just stood there silent. I shook my head in disbelief. "He's not much of a people person."

"Ah I see, so why are you young people here?"

"They are here to help with gorilla research," Clayton said quickly.

"Oh splendid we could always use more help," the professor said excited as he put his arms around Renxsuke and I and hurriedly moved us forward towards a tent. I was a bit surprised for someone at his age and height he was quite strong when he got excited. When he pulled us into the tent he and showed us their research of the gorillas so far. But the most important fact is that the whole herd of gorillas constantly move their nests from place to place, and they needed to find where they were, and that's where they hope Tarzan would come in, but they haven't had any luck. I felt that due to the fact that Tarzan was raised by these gorillas, due to how the animal kingdom works he's probably protecting them, its natural instinct.

"There might be a new lead on the gorillas!" Jane said happily as her and Clayton busted through the tent entrance.

"Then lets get moving people!" professor porter said and walked past us. "You two come along as well, young minds need to be educated!"

"Do I have to go?" Renxsuke whispered to me.

"Oh, so you wanna get lazy on me now, not on your life."

"But we're not doing anything."

"And if for some reason something happens and I get killed, what will you tell Xemnas?" He groaned in annoyance and followed along anyway. When we reached the outside of the jungle, led by Tarzan, I had summoned some seemingly harmless heartless to help us find some gorillas as well.

"Well what odd creatures are these?" the professor said as he poked one and the heartless shyed away behind me.

"All you need to know is they may help us find gorillas," Renxsuke said rudely.

"Will you stop being so rude for once in your life." luckily a rare insect had caught the professors attention by now.

"Now what kind of bug is this?"

"Didn't I tell you to not tell me what to do?" Rensuke said.

"You could still show some respect."

"Now Tarzan, " Clayton started. "Are you sure this is the right way?"

"I thought so...."

Clayton rolled his eyes and groaned in annoyance, "We'd be better off laying a few traps around we may get something then at least instead of following around an ape man who has no clue," Clayton finished as he started pulling out some rope.

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