Chapter 1

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"Mommy! Daddy! Please don't leave me here!" a four year old boy yelled at his two parents that were walking away from him. He was about to grab his mother's pant leg but was kicked in the stomach by his father who just growled at him.

"Mom, Dad please don't leave me?" the boy cried in the snow bleeding while his parents were running away in there leopard form.

~Present Time~

A young leopard whimpered from his dream in a cave inside a mountain over looking a lake and forest. The leopard woke up and walked to the entrance of his cave and looked out over the horizon to see the sun poking out over the hills in the distance.

The leopard goes by the name of Chase Cherry and he has called that cave home since his parents abandoned him fourteen years ago.

Chase stretched and hopped out of his home and went to look for food. Rustling in the bushes indicate that a rabbit is on the move, and that's when the hunt was on.


It was close to sundown and Chase was walking home until he was surrounded by wolves. They were growing at him, and Chase got into a protective position and was hissing and snapping at the wolves.

"Shift leopard!" one of the wolves said but all Chase did was growled at him and then got knocked out by a large force.

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