Your the one that stolen my Heart (Wally and Artemis Story)

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Both of Artemis and Wally looked at all of them and then they looked at each other

Wally Smiles at Artemis and picks her left hand up

"Tell us!" Megan says with a smile

Artemis and Wally laughed again

"We're Getting...Married!" Both of them says

Everyone smiled and Megan and all of the girls came over to Artemis and hugged her to say that they

are happy for her

"I new one day you two would get married" NightWing says

Wally laughed and he pulled Artemis over next to him as he does that Artemis laughed

"We're so happy for you two" Megan says

"About time" Conner says

Wally smiles at Artemis and kisses her forehead

"Any date set for the wedding?"Megan asks

"Maybe some time in the fall or summer maybe" Wally says and Artemis nods her head

"We're going home we just got back from Paris so we'll talk with all of you soon" Artemis says

Wally could tell that Artemis was tried so he picks her up and everyone waved goodbye to both of them

~At Home~

Wally puts her down on there bed Artemis was fasted asleep so Wally puts the blanket over her and

he lays down next to her and he puts his arms around Artemis and they fell asleep together.

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