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*two days later

"Get up," someone was saying while shaking me. "Blakely, you need to get up."

"I'm up," I yawned with my eyes still shut. I felt a cold hand lift me by my arm into a sitting position, "I said I'm up!" I yelled and peeled open my eyes. Rouge was merely four inches from my face, I instinctively backed up only to hit my head on a bedboard, "ow."

"You need to get up now and get ready," he said throwing a backpack at me, "pack your things." I yawned again and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

"Where we going?" I asked, but he ignored me as he began going through his drawers. I stood and stretched, "hello? Where are we going?"

"Just hurry," and with that said he left the room. I tossed the bag on the bed and walked after him.

"Rouge, I wanna know-" I stopped midsentence when I saw the old man from the day I was first stolen.

"Hello there, Blakely is it?" he asked and I nodded absentmindedly, "Are you all packed up?" I shook my head and backed up a bit. "Do you need some assistance?" I once again shook my head, "I would appreciate it if you would answer with words," he stated.

"I don't need help," I mumbled and stepped backwards, but collided with who I knew to be Rouge.

"I told you to gather your things," he whispered in my ear and I shivered. "But since you don't want to listen to me, why don't you stay out here with Mr. Karr," he gestured to the man, "while I get your things, okay?" I kept my eyes on the man, his eyes were a captivating dark blue. Rouge left without waiting on my answer.

"I don't bite," the man- or Mr. Karr said. I gulped visibly. I don't know why he was so intimidating, but he's vibe was just off in some unexplainable way. He walked towards me, and I bit my lip. "You are beautiful. It's just a shame that your father couldn't get us the money." He clicked his tongue, and I glared at him so he grabbed my chin. "Lose the look," he demanded. I yanked from his grip and turned away from him.

"Screw off," I spat and stalked off towards Rouge's room where he was putting the last of my clothes in the bag. He looked up and motioned me towards him. I complied after looking into the hallway one last time to make sure the man wasn't following me.

"So," he said when I reached him, "How do you like Mr. Karr?" I scoffed as he sat and patted his leg.

"I think I may have pissed him off," I muttered under my breath as I sat on his lap. He looked at me and smiled.

"I don't doubt it," he paused, "Why do you act out so much? I mean, besides the whole kidnapping thing." I rolled my eyes.

"There's no other reason than that," I answered honestly. "I would happily obey you if I knew I would be able to go back home."

"Hmm, too bad you aren't," he shrugged and I stood up.

"Yeah, too bad," I mumbled and staggered out the room. I felt his presence behind me before he pulled me to him.

"We're going to Mr. Karr's house for a while. And there's a few more people there as well so if I were you, I'd go ahead and lose the attitude," he slurred. I faced him and smirked.

"What attitude?" I quizzed innocently. He growled into my ear and slammed me against a wall making me groan, "get off of me."

"That attitude," he replied, letting go of me and stalking off in the direction of the living room. I scrunched my face up and stuck my tongue out in his direction.

"Very mature." I turned to see Ace with an unconscious Sarah in his arms, bridal style.

"What'd you do to her?" I asked, completely ignoring his comment. He grinned and walked past me as I gawked after them. "Ace?" I screamed not getting a reply. I sprinted after him and saw everyone -but the girls, of course- standing by the front door. They moved out the way to let Ace carry Sarah out the door.

"What is going on?" I questioned, looking back and forth between each guy. Rouge replied with a sigh.

"Don't make the complicated," he pleaded, but I shook my head.

I started to ask what he was talking about, but was cut off when he lunged for me with a small cloth, covering my mouth and nose. I tried to scream, but they were muffled by the sweet smell of the rag. I quickly held my breath, but I already felt tired and my eyelids got heavy. He removed the cloth and laid me down on the floor on my back. "W-why-" I couldn't finish my question before I was 'shh'ed.

"You can't see where you are going, so just calm down and sleep," someone commanded, but I fought to stay awake. "Sleep," they said in a soothing voice and suddenly I felt cold and numb. I tried lifting my head, my arm, my fingers, anything, but I couldn't. Finally I gave in and let the dark take me.

I dreamt of blue. Visceral blue, blinding blue, just blue. The color flooded my senses, captivated me. I smelled, touched, and saw that one simple yet complex color. It was intimidating yet relaxing at the same time; smooth yet sharp and rigid. It smelt of crayons and chocolate. Unexplainable until suddenly it left and all I saw was white, echoing in from my brain and bouncing around inside of me then that was gone as well and all feeling rushed in. I felt everything at once; it hit me like a tsunami and drowned me.

My head began to pound, my mouth was dry, and my skin crawled. I broke out into a cold sweat then my eyes shot open and a gasp left my lips. I sat up in one quick motion and took in my surroundings.

I was lying on a bed, soft and plush in an unfamiliar room. I was wearing pajama shorts and a tanktop and fluffy pink socks. The room was scented in vanilla, and the walls were a light green. A television hung on the wall, opposite of the bed and a dresser was by an open door that led to what looked to be a bathroom. A lamp was on a nightstand beside me and illuminated the room.

I stepped off the bed onto a white carpeted floor and stretched out, making an animalistic noise. Afterwards, I made my way to the bathroom to wash my color drained face. The mirror covered half the wall above the counter with two sinks, and the shower was magnificent.

I took in my reflection and groaned, picking up a hairbrush. I then noticed a toothbrush with my name on it and picked it up. I shrugged before using it; everything was red, every single supply in that bathroom. A dark, maroon red.

I opened a cabinet and saw it was filled with towels, washcloths, hair products, feminine products, and more. I grabbed one of the towels and a washcloth, all red, and decided to take a shower. I stepped out my clothes and let the water engulf me.

When I was finished, I hastily got out and wrapped the towel around me, shivering. I noticed a pile of clothes that I know for sure weren't there before. I picked them up cautiously as if they'd bite me and examined them.

Just a pair of black shorts, covered up by a light blue t-shirt that went down to my knees, and some undergarments. After I was dressed, I went back out to the bedroom. I noticed a note lying on the bed so I picked it up to read it.

find your way to the kitchen.

"Well, okay then," I whispered to myself. I tucked in my shirt to where it was loose, but my shorts were now visible and walked out into the hallway. When I looked around, I noticed a few other doors, each that awful green color, but going straight through the middle was a different color. I closed the door to 'my' room and saw the color was maroon- which would explain the color situation in the bathroom.

Anyways, I followed the white carpet to what looked to be a livingroom, although it was empty of people. Laughter wafted from a doorway I hadn't noticed so I crossed the room and pushed open the door.

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