"Where is he?" a deep voice boomed from the outside. I smirked and yelled "River, you have company."

When I opened the door, my smirk disappeared. Two men stood in the doorway. Both looked to be about 6'2 and were pretty masculine, but one had blonde hair and the other had black. Blondie held a knife to a girl's throat as another girl laid dead in a bloody heap on the ground.

"Who is it?" River asked, but realization crossed his face when he stood beside me taking in the sight. "Let the girl go," he demanded.

"Give us the money," blondie retorted.

"Let her go," River repeated. I glanced back and forth between the two before I finally cleared my throat.

"This arguing isn't helping. How much money are we talking?" I asked. The black-haired guy was the one to answer, his accent thick and British.

"Over fifty million," he replied in a dead tone. I choked on air and stared at River who shrugged.

"Damn," I began, "How about you tell Kyle or whoever it is to give us two months to collect it and get it to him?" I held out my hand for him to take as a deal. He glanced down at my hand so I let it fall awakardly to my side.

"Kyle said either come back with the money or with River," blondie said tightening the grip on the girl who was silently crying. River scoffed.

"How 'bout a compromise?" River offered and they seemed intrigued by the idea. "Why don't you both come on in."


Back to Blakely's point of view:

Oh my god. I need to pee. Oh, god.

I was awoken by the feeling of a full bladder. The chair I was tied on restricted me from crossing my legs in order to not use the bathroom all over myself. I had pee so bad my stomach started to hurt.

"Hello! Anybody? Somebody!" I began screeching and yelling. "Helloooo? I really got to use the bathroom!" I think I was yelling for atleast thirty full minutes until somebody finally swung the door open.

The sudden light made me squint, but when my eyes adjusted I was confused. A blonde man and a black haired man stood in the doorway. I was taken back for a moment, and questioned them, "Who are y-you?"

"Hello love, I am Xavier and this is Chase," the black haired man introduced with a British accent. The blonde, or Chase, smirked at me and gave me a small wave.

"I would wave back, but you see I'm bound to a chair," I said with a clearly annoyed tone. Chase laughed and walked over to me, bending down to be eye level with me.

"You sure are a spitfire, aren't you?" he asked rhetorically yet I responded.

"Well yes, when you've been kidnapped and beaten you seem to not give a damn anymore. Now will you be ever so kind as to untie me?" I asked innocently. He stood back up and patted my head.

"We can't bring back a nonsubmissive girl," he turned and spoke to Xavier, whom simply nodded in agreement. They began to leave so I cried out.

"No! Don't leave me in here, please! I just need to pee," the thought made me need to even more. They chuckled, but Chase returned to eye level.

"Do not run; do not kick me, understood?" he said in a serious voice. I nodded, and he began the process of undoing my ankles then my wrists. I stood up and rubbed my arms.

"Thanks," I responded before I walked out the room past Xavier and sprinted into Rouge's room. After I relieved my self with an exaggerated sigh, I washed my hands and came out the bathroom.

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