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"It's gonna be a good year, Bethany." I kept muttering to myself. Today was my first day of Junior Year at Eastwood High. How exciting! Please note the sarcasm. It's not like I don't like studying. I like studying. Not to brag about myself, but I am a straight A student. Besides studying, I have one of my subject as Music. I am a part of the School band too. It consists of Me, Lucas, Serena and Nate. Our band is not that famous in school, students of our school barely notice us. We just perform during Inter-school competitions and during the graduation party of Senior Year.

"Beth! Hurry up! You're getting late for school!" Mom screamed. "Yeah mom, I'm coming!" I said as I walked down the stairs. "Good Morning Dad!" I greeted Dad as I kissed him on the cheek. "What's for breakfast?" I asked. "Pancakes." Mom replied. Finally! I've been dying to eat pancakes. I just get to eat them once a week. Yeah yeah I know, but c'mon a girl gotta eat! "Morning Folks!" My brother greeted as he entered the dinning room. "What are you doing at home? Don't you have college?" I asked Wren. "Next week sis. Eager much to get me out of the house already?" He asked. I stuck my tongue out at him.

Wren was my older brother who goes to Yale University. Yes, he is a straight A student and as well as a football player. Wren was very famous when he was in Eastwood High. One of the reasons why I am noticed by the teachers of our school. As well for others, I am nobody. Well except for Ashley, Bryan, Lucas and Gabriella.

The door bell rang and my mom opened the door. "Good Morning Monica!" Lucas greeted my mom as he kissed her hand. "Stop flirting with my mom, Luke!" I said. "Hi Wren!" Luke ignored me as they did their usual bro handshake. "Like always trying to impress the wrong girl huh?" Wren smirked. Luke just looked away. Impress the wrong girl? But Luke's already dating Gabriella. "What are you talking about Wren?" I asked. "Nothing Beth! Let's go. Don't wanna get late for our first day now, do we?" Luke said. I nodded. I hugged my parents and Wren and walked out of my house with Luke by my side.

Our school was just 15 minutes away from home, so we decided to walk. "How are things with Gabriella?" I asked Luke. He sighed. "We are going through a rough patch." He said. "Awh, I'm sure you'll guys will make it through. You'll like each other so much. Nothing can tear you both apart." I said. He smiled lightly.

We walked in through our school gates, to see all the football jocks and the cheerleaders. I spotted Bryan and Ashley and they waved. We walked towards them and I hugged Ashley and Bryan. To be honest, Bryan was the only football jock that I spoke to. I turn around to see Rachel Carter glaring at me. What did I do to her now? Oh wait, is she still pissed over the fact that I kissed her boyfriend when it actually was a dare? She should get over herself. I then see Chase walking towards us and then he does the bro handshake with Bryan.

My heart beats faster than usual. What is happening? Why is my heart beating fast? Seriously, that party was a week ago. We kissed but that was a dare. Why am I feeling so weird right now? He talks to Bryan and Ashley. While Lucas is God knows where, probably gone to meet Gabriella. I just stand awkwardly here. I take my time to then notice Chase properly. His chocolate brown eyes, his hair which is in a nice quiff sort of a thing and his.. "Bethany!" Ashley screams. "Yeah what?" I asked. "You've been staring into space. Are you alright?" Bryan asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I said. "Well Bethany, this Chase Bolton." Bryan said as he pointed towards Chase.

Well yes, I know he is Chase freaking Bolton. The most cutest, hottest, quarterback football player of our school. "Yeah, you heard that right." Chase said. What? Did I just say that out loud? "Yes, you said it out loud Bethany." Ashley said as all of them laughed. Ugh, I wish I could just disappear right now. "Nice meeting you Bethany. See you around." Chase said as he winked and walked away. Did he just wink at me? I'm just getting too hyper right now. "C'mon girly! We've got class to attend." Ash said.

The first two classes were so boring. I wanted to sleep so badly. I mean they were teaching us things that I already knew. Yeah, I was studying during summer break too. Call me a nerd or whatever. I am at my third class right now which is supposed to be English Literature. Suddenly, an announcement is being made by our principal, "Bethany Jones, you are required in the Principal's office." Why am I suddenly called to the principal's office? I haven't done anything. I am a sincere student. I get up from my seat and I see that all eyes are on me. I get out of my class and walked down the hallway towards the Principal's office. I knock the door as Mr.Brown says "Come in" and I let myself in. "Yes, Ms.Jones. Please have a seat." He says motioning towards the chair front of his table. "The teachers and I have decided to change one of your subject. Instead of you doing Calculus, you'll be shifted to AP Calculus." Mr.Brown said. I smiled. This is amazing. "Okay sir! Thank you!" I say as I leave the office.

Soon enough the bell rings and it's time for lunch break. Finally. I already see Ashley, Bryan, Lucas, Gabriella and few other jocks sitting at the table. I take my lunch and walk towards the table. I take my seat besides Ashley. The guys just talk about football and all that crap. "Hey people!" Rachel said in her whiny voice. There was only one seat left and that was across me. Chase sat on that empty seat and fortunately Rachel sat on his lap. Well since Rachel can't just keep her mouth shut so Chase and her start snogging each other's faces. "Cut it out you two. There are people trying to have their lunch here." Bryan said.

Chase and Rachel stopped what they were doing. "What is this piece of crap doing at our table?" Rachel said as he looked at me in disgust. I tried holding back my tears. No I'm not gonna let this blonde bimbo make me cry. "Shut the hell up Rachel!" Ashley screamed. I just lost my appetite. I didn't feel like eating anything anymore. I got up from my seat. "I have a meeting in the Music room. I gotta go." I said as I rushed out of the cafeteria. I lied about having a meeting in the Music room, but I walked toward the music room anyway.

"Bethany, hold up!" Someone said. I turned around to see Chase. What is he doing here? "I'm sorry for what Rachel said. It was stupid of her to say that." He apologised. "Yeah, it's alright. It doesn't matter anyway." I said. "Maybe you should go eat lunch." He said. "Why do you care?" I snapped. Shit. What did I just do right now? "Calm down! I'm just sorry okay? Maybe I could make it up to you?" He asked. "But it wasn't your fault." I said. "But I want to make it up to you on behalf of Rachel." He said. "Later, Bolton" I said as I walked away. What is this boy doing to me?

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