Important Note To Read Before Starting

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Before you read, I want to point something out to all of you.

You all may have noticed grammatical errors and mistakes on some of my other stories. This is due to the fact that I type pretty fast and the keyboard on my phone isn't that reliable and useful.

As you I would REALLY appreciate it if nobody points out any errors in my stories. It makes me think that more people are interested in my small errors than a story I take the time, thought, and dedication to write. I take that personally and it kind of hurts.

So please, if you see I made an error, I ask that you not point it out. I eventually will notice it and fix it.

I will be posting this note on ALL of my stories, including completed, discontinued, AND stalled stories, and also include it in any new story I publish in the future.

Thank you!

♡~ Sapphire Von Asters ^.^=

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