Megaforce United - A Power Rangers Fanfiction

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Chapter 1 - Mega Mission Part 1

This is my version of Megaforce, but don't worry, it's not just a script of each episode with a character placed in, it will have new plotlines that will be in between the episode storylines.

The pairings are - Troy/Emma Jake/Gia Noah/OC.



With the call 137 Power Rangers charged at the forces attacking Planet Earth.

"No, impossible!" shouted a monster leading the attack force, "Your powers were destroyed."

The Red Zeo Ranger stepped forward, "You should know by now," said the ranger," Once a ranger, always a ranger."


"Hey kid, wake up!"

Troy Burrows slowly opened his slowly and looked around.

"Hey kid, your gonna be late on your first day back," shouted the bus driver," Him too." The bus driver pointed to the long-haired boy sat next to him.

Troy sighed,' First day after summer break I'm going to be late, new school as well.' Tearing himself away from his thoughts he elbowed the boy next to him.

"What!" said the boy, before jumping up into a fighting stance. Realising where he was, he relaxed. "Sorry," he said to the bus driver.

He and Troy picked up their bags and walked off the bus. "Great we're gonna be late," said Troy.

"I know," said the other boy," I had really freaky dream."

"You too!" exclaimed Troy," Shared dreams, we should tell my dad."

"Agreed, we need to tell Tommy," replied the other boy.

The two began walking to their first class in silence. Seeing the faraway look on Troy's face the other boy said," What you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about my mum," replied Troy," I know she and Aunt Trini died in a car crash just after I was born, I just wish I'd known. I'm just glad I now know my dad. I'm not mad he put me up for adoption, I'm just glad I know my dad."

"I understand, Kat was after my time as a ranger, I never really met her, but from what I've heard she was a great woman," said the other boy.

Troy nodded and they continued walking in silence until Troy noticed white dust on his clothes. He quickly brushed his red t-shirt, jeans, red sneakers and leather jacket, getting rid of the dust.

Troy looked over at his friend, he gestured at his friend's clothes. Looking down he saw the dust on his clothes. "Thanks," he said and began to brush his clothes, which were identical to Troy's, except his clothes had green where Troy had red.

Once the long-haired boy had brushed his clothes he said," Not a clue where that dust came from."

The two resumed walking as Troy said, "Bus."


In a science lab a teacher named Mr. Burley steps out from behind his desk. "Class lets start the year with a science brain teaser. What species will outlast all others on Earth?"

At the front of the class a girl named Emma Goodhall raises he hand. She has brown hair and is wearing a white t-shirt, a denim jacket and pink denim shorts.

"Emma," said Mr. Burley indicating for her to answer.

"Insects," answered Emma," They'll survive all the bad things we're doing to the environment. Some of them have lots of legs, they'll be the last ones standing."

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