Chapter 10: love at second sight (FINAL)

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( Victoria's POV )✨

"I...i don't know" said kris hesitant i think that the hospital is not a place to discuss this matter
We were in the car on the way home their was an awfully awkward silence , as soon as we walked in the house i said " kris do you want this baby and don't you date say that you don't know " i said sobbing quietly he stayed silent "kris pls answer me " i repeated " listen kris weather you like it or not i'm gonna have this baby with you or without you" i said " i guess without you" i said then turned around to pack my stuff and leave my husband kris my love the person i cherish and respect and soon to be the father of our baby correction my son that feels terrible awful without a warning he grabbed my hand spun me around and hugged me tightly " never will i ever leave you not in a million years not you nor our baby" kris said i looked at him a tear escaped my eye i take it back all what i said i'm so lucky to have a husband like kris "i love you so much" i said " i love you too" said kris.

After 9 months>>>>>

" kris i think my water broke " i said scared " WHAT!!" Kris exclaimed " but it's after 1 week " " i know KRIIIIIS " i screamed we took the car and entered the hospital now i was at the delivery room " AAAAHHHHH" i screamed " push push " said the doctor " why did you choose a guy" kris said " he's the only DOOOCTOR AVAILABLE that doesn't FUCKIN matter right now i'm Giving birth AAAHH" i cursed at kris that's the first time i cursed in front of kris oh shit it feels a thousand daggers are being inserted in my back " come on one last push " said the doctor
I cant I'm too tired suddenly every thing was black.

( Kris's POV )🔥

Is it that much bad i guess i'll never know suddenly she blacked out " Victoria Victoria wake up" i said " she's too tired she can't push" said the doctor " come on tori you can do it come on " i said right there when i was about to give up she woke up " push baby push " i said " AAAHHHHHHAAAAA" she screamed one more time " waaahhhahhwaah " it's her beautiful voice our baby it's a girl i smiled sheepishly i held her " she's beautiful just like her mum" i said " what should we name her" said Victoria " xie lin wu xie lin" i said smiling " xie lin our beautiful xie lin" i guess now love does come at second sight doesn't it, " i love you babe " i said " i love you too " she said i pulled her close and kissed her oh how much i love this beautiful woman my wife Victoria.

✨ ,, ( THE END ),,✨

( A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support i love you all pls don't worry i will do an epilogue i hope you liked the story sorry that it's too short and a bit cheesy but i promise you another story but it won't be related to kpop sorry again but it is about a famous. Youtuber You'll love it i hope so and sorry for ending it but because i just finished school and i'm tired so for now yes for now thats it and i will do a (Q n' A) and thank you for the huge support i hope you liked it i will post the new story not soon but maybe at the end of the year because i'm busy but you will surely like it love you my readers and thank you and Goodbey.)

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