United We Stand

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As the two groups of survivors were discussing a plan for escape to ensure their survival Gina was in a different area of the corridor furious with her group that she had led for about a year and a half going against her for some new people. She had kicked one of the statues over and screamed out loud after it shattered into pieces on the marble floor. She then fell down to her knees and began to cry as she just thought about all she had to endure and the emotions she had to hide for the better of the group. "Got dammit Sherman. You are probably getting a real laugh at me wherever the hell you ended up after death. You probably think I am a failure sitting here sobbing like I am 8 years old again. Who the f***k do you think you are sitting there high and mighty looking down on me still just like you did in life. F***k you Sherman you were a terrible father leaving me alone even in death like you did in life you old bastard.

At the other end back with the majority of the group Seth is with Matthew working out a game plan for the eight of them to escape without anyone getting left behind. "So to my understanding we have to hold off here if the dead break through while each of us climbs the ladder one by one to get to the rooftops." Seth had said out loud to the group as he looked around. Matthew then reloaded his rifle and turned to Pierre and Madison,"Everything is gonna be fine you two so cheer up. Ima make sure nothin bad happens to either of you two." Pierre let's go of Madison's hand and walks speaks up for the first time in a while,"How can you stand there and guarantee us our safety when you don't even know if we all will make it out of here alive?" Before Matthew can respond Madison interrupts,"Pierre do not speak like that he has done pretty well so far in the protection department." Pierre shakes his head before turning to look back at his sister,"No he has not Madison. Look at where we are right now. Inside a big ass museum with no power with those zombies waiting for there chance to come devour us. I might only be thirteen but I am not an idiot." Matthew looks into Pierre's eyes after his little outburst and just stares at him.

At the other end again Gina is still on her knees crying and shouting towards the heavens at her dad,"You make me sick still Sherman and if I die anytime soon I will be sure I kick your ass as soon as I see you in the afterlife." A few cries could be heard coming from way down the other end of where Gina was and she got quiet extremely fast and wiped her tears before hopping to her feet. She aimed one of her magnums and shined her flashlight down towards where the cries were heard and saw a few witches walking around by a few statues and she quickly aimed her flashlight away and backed away slowly.

Back with Seth and the others Madison grabs Pierre in attempts to calm him down. Seth then calls Matthew over to where he is standing with the other 3 survivors Yuri,Darren and Monica. "Okay man now is not the time for us all to be breaking down and arguing among each other whatever that kid is upset with you for needs to be squashed before someone get's killed down here. Now we are ready to move on out to the roof but we need a volunteer to go up first in case there is anything waiting for us up there." Seth looks around with his shotgun light shining around the corridor to see if everyone is close by but notices Gina is still not back. "Where the hell is Gina?"

The others look around with their flashlights but don't see her. Pierre then answers,"She walked off earlier in that direction after the altercation she had with you guy's. I haven't heard or seen her since and that was about fifteen minutes ago." Seth aims his gun after they hear a loud sound of chains and padlocks crashing to the floor near one of the doorways some of them used to get there and the rest of the group prepares for the worse case scenario of shooting their way out.

T.B.C Chapter 10-Escaping Death

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