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The next day, Lauren has an interview before she went to the Calvin Klein runaway. Since she bought two tickets, she invite one of her friend who's a big fan of Gigi. Dinah Jane. Dinah has know Lauren ever since they're in high school. Once, Lauren brought Dinah to her second tour for two straight months and she met a lot of artist who's a friend of Lauren's.

"Dinah where the hell are you? You're suppose to be here already. I've got an interview in a few minutes" Lauren said talking to her best friend over her phone

"Shoo shut up i'm on my way there. I'll be there in 20 minutes or so. LA's crowded today bare with me" Dinah said

"Fine i'm hanging up now. They need me in place now" Lauren said

"Go get em girl" Dinah said

"I will and you better get your ass here fast or else you'll miss out the fun" Lauren said

"Hoi i know what to do" Dinah said and Lauren hangs up rolling her eyes

Lauren's in place and she's live now. "Ah Lauren Jauregui it's nice to see you" Jimmy Fallon said

"Pleasure to see you too. There's so many people here wow" Lauren said as the crowd roars and she wave while she show that Jauregui smile of hers

"Ah well your new album will be coming this late July?" Jimmy ask and Lauren nods

"I was super busy i mean i don't prefer myself to buy songs from another artist i just want to show my hard work to the album so i know what you're going to ask" Lauren said

"Well you get me right" Jimmy chuckled

"Let's get down here alright. Yesterday you're spotted with Gigi Hadid and her other friend which the paparazzi didn't get any picture at all. Mind telling us who" Jimmy said

"We just met that day. Gigi and i are very close and she happens to be in the same cafè as i am so i decided to sit with her and her other friend. Her name's Camila Cabello" Lauren said smilling

"And there's no funny business around the both of you? Because we're friends here and we can't keep secrets from each other" Jimmy said and Lauren chuckled

"No we just met and well she's playing the hard to get person yesterday" Lauren adds

"Oh really? Never thought she would turn down such a charming girl like you" Jimmy said

Lauren had her interview for 15 minutes straight, if she can count. Dinah came pretty fast than Lauren could imagine her to since she's always late for everything. Lauren and Dinah left for the Calvin Klein location as Lauren change her clothes before they went to the location

When they arrive, Lauren has the backstage pass so she can meet up with the brown eye girl. She's searching for her until she found the girl buckling her seat belt as part of her suite. Lauren tap her shoulder and clear her throat. "Hello ma'am can i help you with your belt?" Lauren said

"What? Oh God it's only you" Camila gasp in relief still trying to buckle her belt

"Need a little help there?" Lauren ask with her british accent

"Did you just use a british accent on me? I swear your accent are like real british i can tell" Camila said while Lauren helps Camila to buckle her belt

"That's because i am british. I just don't like using my accent because it's weird that you live in America and your accent are Britain" Lauren said looking up at Camila. "There you go. My work here is done" Lauren smiles

"Thank you and you're not going to stay? I mean i could show you around" Camila bit her lip

"I would love to say. I was hoping you'd say that" Lauren said smilling

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