Chapter 10. Engaged?

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Finally...nagkaroon din ako ng katahimikan.

One thing I hate the most is being interrogated about my personal life---specially when peer pressure comes in and not to mention: my parents.

God knows kung gaano katagal pa sana mananatili sa office ko ang mga 'yon kung hindi pa may dumating na importanteng meeting.

Sumandal ako sa swivel chair ko at ninanamnam ang katahimikan ng buong office. Nagbilin na ako kay Lucia na huwag akong istorbohin for the rest of the afternoon unless it's a matter of life and death.

This is the prize of being a member of the elite society: a moment of complete silence with yourself is very rare.

Minsan nagtataka na ako kung tama ba ang naging decisions ko sa buhay. Hindi naman sa nagsisisi ako dahil nagpakadalubhasa ako sa pagpapatayo ng sarili kong empire, it's just that sometimes... I can't bear the consequences.

I closed my eyes.

Out of the blue, someone just appeared inside of my head.

"This is what you do to me, Ruby... You make me lose control."


Why on earth did I lose control?

Kissing her was never part of the plan but I couldn't just contain myself and then I lost grip of the devil inside me.

I didn't know what I was thinking, it just happened to me. Hell knows how hard I tried to resist, but how can I?

She does something to me and she's not even aware of it.

God! She's so beautiful...

Paano akong makakapagigil kung ganoon siya kalapit, wearing a black-laced dress and her hair flowing seductively?

I would fight myself in complete restriction to not go near her but no man can ever do such thing.

Thankfully, she didn't freak out at hindi rin nagalit.

She was just too surprised to react.

I could have taken her right there and then pero daan-daang pagpipigil ang ginawa ko.

I'm not someone who takes advantage on a woman's weakness.

Women usually come to me and I never had the problem of getting laid because women flock to me.

Hindi ako ang tipo ng taong nagpipigil o natotorpe sa harap ng isang babae. Lalong hindi ako ang tipo ng lalaking umaamin sa nararamdaman bago at pagkatapos halikan ang isang babae. At mas lalong hindi ako ang tipo na nagpapakahirap magpigil para lang hindi ma-offend ang babae.

But last night, she made me act the other way around.

"Goodnight Red..."

Crap! Where did that come from?


Honestly, I like it. It suits her.

Ruby is a beautiful red gem... and I liked the way her name defines her well.


I even pictured her with a red silky night dress and her unruly hair, while lying on a bed of roses.


I felt my manhood went tight.

Ah! I must be crazy.

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