~ Chapter 4 - Edited

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"Mum, guess what!" Jayden asks me as we get into the car.

"What baby?"

"I saw that man again today! And I did exactly what you said to do mum! I walked away!" Pride fills his eyes and he looks at me with that grin that makes my heart melt.

"Well done baby! Tell you what even though it’s Monday I will buy you a big chocolate bar" I praise and am greeted by a squeal of delight.

After popping into the store and buying Jay a Oreo Cadburys chocolate bar, which he had seen advertised on the TV, and I then drop him off at my mums and head over to the park. Mum and Dad are renting a place over here at the moment as mum felt that she wasn’t as involved in Jay’s life as she should be, and dad wanted to make her happy.

The park had always been my thinking place for as long as I could remember. I came here to think about everything, I even came here when I found out I was pregnant.

When Oliver had turned up at my door the other day I had been so scared, so scared that he would try to steal Jayden from me, try and get full custody.

It was this that made me so angry, so cold towards him, because the truth is that I still felt for him after all this time. He had given me Jayden, and for that I would always thank him.

Jayden is the one person in my life that can make me smile, make me laugh, make me forget. The only thing I have left to live for and I will not let him go easily.

The darkness begins to fill the sky and I know I must go and pick up Jay from my mums.

I jump in the car and head over to mums.

“Hey, baby!” I say, running into the house and hugging Jay, “Let’s get you home”

Jay’s eyelids begin to droop as we drive home; cars had always made him sleepy so it came as no shock to me.

I park the car in the drive and turn of the engine.

“Jay, baby, we need to go inside so you can go to bed, ok baby” I whisper, lightly stroking his face and his eyes slowly open, though he is still drowsy.

Smiling I pick jay up and support him on my hip, quickly opening the front door and closing it with my foot.

I place Jay into my bed, not wanting to sleep alone tonight.

He looks so sweet and innocent when his asleep and he looks his age. When he’s asleep he never looks stressed or wise beyond his years.

A knock comes at the door and I already know who it is.

I head for the door, quickly looking through the peep hole and confirming my suspicions. I pull the door open and glare at the person on the other side.

“Look, just hear me out!” he pleads with me, looking so lost and sad.

I bite my lip, thinking about it. I mean if I don’t then I may never know what he was going to say, but if I do then I may get caught in his trap and I don’t just have myself to look after anymore.

“Fine” I whisper, opening the door and ushering him into the living room.

“Thank you” he tells me, looking relieved.

“Well, I can’t just think about myself anymore, Oliver, I can’t be selfish” I tell him, making the ‘I’ last longer than necessary.

“Well, thank you anyway, I know how hard it must be to let me back in” he says.

“You really don’t” I reply, looking at him sadly.

“I am so sorry, Marie” He tells me “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen”

“Well, that much I can tell, Oliver, its obvious you didn’t care about me or your responsibilitys, you never planned for a son and now you’ve had one thrown upon you” I stand up and head to the kitchen.

Oliver follows me like a dog, taking a seat at the dining table as I turn the kettle on and start the water boiling.

“Tea, Coffey?”

“Ugh, Tea please” He tells me, playing with a loose thread on his jacket.

I grab two mugs and then place teabags into them. I pour the hot water in and stir the tea bag around.

“Milk, sugar?” I ask, pouring the milk into mine.

“Two sugars and milk. Please” he says, wringing his hands.

“look Oliver, I know you might have seen Jay, and now you think you have to step up but you don’t, were fine” I tell him, looking into his eyes.

“What, NO!” he cries out “It’s not that, I just…I don’t want to be like my dad, Marie, I want to be there for him. I want to have a relationship with him, I want to be able to see him and make up for everything I’ve missed”

“I…I just don’t know Oliver” I tell him, “Let me think over it ok”

“Please, Marie, Just give me a chance to be the Dad I haven’t been” He pleads.

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