~ Chapter 2 - Edited

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I grabbed a basket before running after the boys, it took five minutes to find them but I finally located them in the sweets isle of the store.

"Jay, Keegan, you know what I said, we get the sweets once elder have done the shopping" I gently grab hold of their hands and begin to make my way towards the food isles.

"Now, what did you decide on for dinner?" I ask them as I grab two loafs of bread and a two litre carton of milk.

"Spaghetti Bolognese" the boys chorus together, smiles brightening their faces.

"Ok boys, Spaghetti Bolognese it is!" I tell them, "now, why I go get the ingredients you two can go pick something for pudding and then go get your sweeties" though I probably shouldn't let two six year olds out of my sight, I know my little boy is responsible enough, anyway the store is really small, and I can hear them I they call.

I make my way down the aisles; I grab a packet if spaghetti, some mushrooms, red onion, tomatoes, and a Bolognese mix. I then grab a few things for Jays pack lunch, including a bag of chopped apple, a box of raisins, a pre-made cheese and tomato sandwich, a banana, a baby bell and an apple juice carton, as a treat I grab a bag of chocolate buttons for him. I also get him some olives, for some reason he loves the things even though I hate them.

Once I have everything I need I head to the sweetie isle where I know I will find the boys.

As I knew I would I find both boys with bags pull of pick-a-mix that I know will cost at least £10 all together, these boys will be so hyped up on sugar later. Oh dear, what have I got into.

I grab their bags anyway, and then make my way to the checkout. "Mum, wait!" Jay yells from the other end of the isle. Running as fast as he can, Jay makes his way towards me and throws the tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream into the basket, "you said we could choose!" He reminds me, excitement shining in his eyes.

I normally make sure everything he eats is homemade and healthy, but Fridays are our 'fun day' where I let him have the un-healthy foods. He is a kid after all and it would be unfair not to give him some sweets and ice-cream like normal kids get.

I just worry about his health, for the first year of his life Jay was in and out the hospital due to a heart defect. He was born with a small hole in his heart, and this meant that he was very ill for a long time. This has made me very protective of him, and I always worry about his health.

His health is also very important as his heart isn’t as strong as other peoples, Jay also has panic attacks often. Normally when someone is being mean or when he has nightmares, meaning his body needs to be strong so it can cope.

"Ok Jay, Keegan, let’s get going" I announce once all the food has been scanned and paid for.

I buckle both boys in securely into the back seats, then quickly hop into the driving seat and start the engine. Kay and Keegan immediately start their chatter again once we start to move.

It is only a five minute ride back to the house so they don't have to wait long before we are home. I unbuckle both of them before going to unlock the front door. As soon as it is unlocked both boys are charging for Jay’s bedroom. The one thing I always worked on first in any new house was Jay’s bedroom.

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