(Edited) Chapter 11 Part II

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We arrive at a stall where we need to throw paint-filled balloons at an old man, who is sitting high atop a plastic chair attached to the wall. Whoever succeeds and hitting him a certain n. of times will get the toy he or she desires. 

"So which toy do you want?" the stall in-charge asks us. The boys instinctively turn towards us. 

"Um...that one!" Hailey and I simultaneously point at the same giant teddy-bear. We both narrow our eyes at each other. The atmosphere suddenly gets tense. The in-charge clears his throat uncomfortably. Initially the objective was to throw twenty five balloons at the man under a minute. But now the rules have been altered. The in-charge tells us whoever scores the maximum number of hits under a minute, wins.

Aiden and Adam pay for the balloons and get a bucket each. Adam gets a bucket full of blue colored paint filled balloons and Aiden gets red. Presently each bucket contains a hundred balloons. The instructor blows the whistle and Aiden and Adam start chucking balloons from the bucket and throwing at the man., while the instructor keeps count.

Aiden being a good athlete and all is doing a good job. Adam isn't far behind. He probably plays a sport too. Hailey starts cheering for Aiden on the top of her voice. Aiden's speed immediately increases, as if he just drank some energy drink.

Oh yeah? So if I cheer for Adam, I get the teddy bear? Bring it on!

So right there and then I start cheering for Adam too. "C'mon Adam, you can do it! You're going to win this!"

But as the game proceeds, the number of balloons seems to never lessen. Adam begins to look tired. The smile on Hailey's face increases by the second. I know I must do something, and so I do. I step forward and tell Adam to let me handle things from here.

I start throwing the balloons at the old man forcefully. I flinch when it hits him hard on his belly. Poor old man, how much is he getting paid for doing this? Red and blue colors are splattered across his body. Aiden, even though being physically stronger is obviously tired and so, Hailey takes his place.

The whole agenda of the game instantly changes.

The aim now isn't to win the giant, extremely fluffy, and soft teddy bear. It's to win this match against Hailey, to show Aiden that his girlfriend is a loser. It's almost like we're fighting for him. We're throwing the balloons and yelling profanities at each other. Forget the teddy-bear; we're almost out to get each other.

That's when it happens. The first balloon comes flying towards me and not the old man. I gasp when balloon lands square across my belly, splattering me with red color.

 I turn to glare at Hailey. "You bitch!" I scream and swing my arms, tossing my balloon straight at her.


The balloon hits her straight on her face, ruining her make-up and hair. I let out a loud guffaw and double-up laughing. Hailey's mouth drops open with shock. "How dare you?!" She shouts and throws another balloon at me. 

"This is war!" I shout back and start chucking as many balloons as I can at her. At the same time I dodge the ones she sends my way. The balloons in our bucket long gone, we starts grabbing the ones behind the stall. Aiden and Adam are shouting and trying to stop us, but not coming anywhere close. They don't want to a balloon to accidently hit them.

 After all the balloons are finished in the bucket and the stall, we both start looking around, looking for anything to throw at each other. Our eyes fall on the soft-toys at the same time. We make a bee-line for it. This is getting uglier and uglier by the minute. The poor soft toys are now victims of this war. We've already grabbed the toys and are about to chuck it towards the other when Aiden suddenly shouts on top his voice stunning us.

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