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Maeve and Dalla, two sisters, live the Brigantes’ chief village in northern Britain, and are starting a new chapter of their lives as married women. They live in freedom from the Romans who act more as nighttime stories to frighten children than the enemies that they really are. The sisters are happy and content; life could not be any better for them. And then, in the middle of the night, the Romans attack...

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What is your name?

My real name or my pen name? I usually give out my pen name to avoid stalkers *shifts eyes, paranoid* but I'll compromise this once: I'll give both. My pen name (username) is Aricael Malone. Aricael means silver arrow in Elvish. It is a tribute to Artemis who is my favorite Greek goddess to whom many people have compared me to. I chose Malone because it belongs to one of my favorite actresses, Jena Malone, and because it works well with Aricael. My real name is Veronica

How old are you? 

I am sixteen years old.

What inspired you to write your first book? 

I've always been an escapist and I've always lived in my head. My siblings and I spent a great part of our childhood playing pretend and making up stories. I've just been the only one to have continued it into adulthood. I've always been a little bored with my life and I started writing because it was a way for me to have my own adventures through my characters.

I began writing my first story, The Hidden Swann, because I was obsessed. I really hate using that word because it sounds a little extreme. But it’s true, I was obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved the time period, the plot, and the characters (especially James Norrington. *giggles like a fangirl*) and I wanted to write a character into the story. Someone through whom I could experience the story.

Who is your favorite author and what is its that really strikes you about their work?

On Wattpad, I am a huge fan of Aaron Kite. He is the author of the Vincent Tucat Journals. The thing I love most about him is the humor that he puts into the Journals. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard, ever. I also love how much time he puts into his stories, the intricacy of his plots and the way that he keeps his readers on their toes

Outside of Wattpad, my favorite author is Brian Davis. He is the Christian author of a few series, my favourites being Oracles of Fire and Dragons of Starlight. His stories are a lot like Narnia. He intertwines the story of the Bible and the Gospel with fantasy and dragons and history. It's pretty epic.


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What is your favorite genre to write about? 

Definitely Historical Fiction. There's no two ways about it. I also enjoy fantasy quite a bit and actually have my first Fantasy story in the works which I’m really excited about. Naturally, it is a Historical/Fantasy story. Although I have a couple modern stories planned, I have a long list of Historical Fiction tales to tell before. ;)

Do you see writing as a career? 

For me? I don’t think so. The thing is, I don’t write for anyone but myself and my few fans. I don’t care about what’s popular or what will get the most reads. I doubt any of my stories will reach great popularity and I'm okay with it. I write because I love it. Unfortunately, when making a career out of something, people often lose the joy of doing it. So, although I will keep writing, I’ll do it mostly as a hobby. 

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