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The city whizzed by while Dylan drove to the crime scene at eighty miles an hour. He used back streets to avoid the morning rush hour on the Kennedy and Ike freeways.

The heat blasted while David Brubeck played on the radio. He passed vacant warehouses and the wreckage of buildings from times past as he sped down Roosevelt Avenue by Chicago's industrial area.

Nearly there.

The crowd of cruisers and people let him know where the scene was. The Red Line train on the 'L' went by as he stepped out into the cold morning.

Carla was the first to greet him.

"I need to talk to you. How about dinner later?"

"Same place?" he asked.

"That works."

Other than the wet dirt and urine, there wasn't much of a smell. Most likely due to the cold. He didn't need VapoRub under his nose. But this had to be a dump job.

"What do we have?"

"This vic's like the others: female, nice dress, dark hair," Carla replied.

"We got a car this time." Dylan whistled. "Black Mercedes E550. Late model too. Nice."

He grabbed some gloves and joined Carla by the body. The victim was sitting on the ground. Mostly. Her head rested against the seat but stayed low so you couldn't see her face.

"Looks like COD for this one will be blunt force trauma." Carla looked up at him. "Seems it was quite the struggle getting her into the dress too."

Her back was almost completely uncovered since the zipper hadn't been done up all the way. When Carla moved the left flap aside, Dylan saw the number five inside of a circle. Same place as the others.

Damn! Even with the sloppiness, this left no question who the killer was. Dylan looked around on the ground while Carla supported the woman's head between her hands and lifted it up. Greenish blue eyes stared back at them. Same variation of green and blue eye color too. Blood had dripped down the sides of her face at some point before it became frozen.

"You don't have to tell me," Carla said with a sigh. "Somehow I'll get her autopsied and get the report to you as quick as I can."

Detective Healey spoke up. "You recognize her, don't you?"

Should he? Dylan looked at her again. Wait a minute! The hell?

"Claire Zensenbacher. The Councilwoman."

He hadn't followed local politics because there was too much of that already in DC. But he remembered her pictures. Just great. What a day to add a high-profile victim to the mix.

"Yep. She had a hearing last week for ethics violations. There's also another charge of taking bribes. Superintendent James and Bureau of Detectives Chief Fulmer are en route." Healey looked down at her phone. "Commanders Gaines, Jones and Howard too."

They headed the sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty-fifth districts, respectively. Healey worked out of the last one. For having some high ranking people of the CPD coming to the scene, Dylan admired how Healey remained calm. His phone buzzed.

"Morning, sir."

"Is it true?" Eric Jay, the new Assistant Special Agent in Charge asked.

Dylan looked at the ID again. "Looks that way. Navy dress, twenties. She also has a number."

A politician. No doubt she was the star of this freak's shit show.

"So same guy," Jay finished. "That's just what we need."

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