She walked through the garden, alone this time, pondering the events that had happened the day before. Had Merlin wanted to kiss her? Is that why he had gotten so close? She shook her head in disbelief, he was probably just being kind, as a servant and only a servant.

"Your highness, I do not wish to disturb you, but are you alright? You seem distressed," She turned around to see Gwenwyn, Morgana's handmaiden behind her.

"Yes Gwen, I'm fine thank you," Ros said politely, not wishing to urge her troubles onto this poor girl. Then she thought to herself, 'perhaps she could just ask Merlin for me,' So she held her hand up to stop Gwen from leaving. "Actually, Gwen can I ask you about something?"

"Of course your highness, anything."

"It's a more, personal question you could say."

"Although I am Morgana's servant, I still serve you your highness, ask away." Gwen stepped closer to Ros, holding one hand in the other. Ros took in a breath and sighed.

The words began to spill out in a fast jumbled mess, "It's about Merlin, yesterday we were in the gardens and he got really close to me and-"

"Is this about your personal space my lady? I'll talk to Merlin if you wish me too," Gwen took a seat at the stone bench near them and Ros felt her cheeks redden at the sight of the bench from the day before. She took a seat and shook her head.

"No, actually that's not... Well you see I'm sure you've overheard the conversations I've had with Morgana about Uther,-" Gwen opened her mouth to say something but Ros held up her hand and silenced her, "Don't deny it, I know you have. you're there most of the time. Anyway, Merlin and I had come down for a walk after my lunch with Morgana yesterday, and well... I am certain that Merlin wanted to kiss me." Ros folded her hands in her lap as she stared at germs face, her mouth slightly open in shock.

"Uh well, I, your highness I do apologize for Merlin's behavior. He must know that himself kissing the princess of Camelot would be highly frowned upon, he could even be publicly hanged for that and-"

"Gwen, really, it's alright. I.. I think I wanted him to..."

"Your highness?"

"I'm not sure, really... I don't even know the original question I needed your advice for, thank you Gwen, I appreciate it." Ros stood up and gently wiped away the wrinkles in her dress. "Oh, and please don't say anything, even to Morgana?"

"Of course your highness," Gwen said as she bowed her head. Ros nodded and turned, walking away from Gwen and out of the garden. She needed to rest. A book, that's what she needed. Giaus always had books for her, she only hoped that Merlin wasn't there with him.

Walking down the hallways of the castle, down the white stone steps and through the passageways to Giaus' chambers. Making no stops, as if anyone would want to stop her anyway, she turned the corner and approached Giaus' door, lifting her hand up to knock. Before she could, the door opened wide and Ana stood there, smiling as wide as Ros thought possible.

"Oh, your highness, do forgive me, please," Ros moved out of the way, nodding to Ana as she squeezed pass, a hip in her step as she walked down the hallway in which Ros had just come. The door was still open, so Ros lightly knocked on the already open door.


"Yes your highness?" Giaus appeared out from behind a stack of books and Ros held her hands out wide, approaching Giaus with a light hug.

"Giaus I'm sure that Ana had the book you let me borrow yes? She brought it back to you safely?" A smile appeared on Giaus' face and he nodded.

"Here for another one then?"

"Yes, you know me so well."

"Well I have known you since you were just a child," Giaus laughed. "Do you have a preference for the next one?"

"Not particularly." Giaus nodded and disappeared again behind his stacks of books, retuning moments later with a book in hand. He held it out to Ros, and she took it carefully in both hands.

"That one is about stars," he said to her.

"What about the stars?"

"Old folk tales about constellations, that's it really. Perhaps you should send Ana or Merlin down to the market to buy some more hm? Unless you want me to continue giving you books with old legends and that tell you remedies for poison," Giaus chuckled lightly.

"I'm determined to read every book you have."

"Well you're just about halfway there."

"Thank you Giaus, really. I know that Uther would be upset with you if he found out about this."

Well I'm glad you take such interest in these old things."

Ros behind to walk out, but not before stopping and turning to face Giaus once again. "Oh and Giaus?" He turned to face her. "Would you mind asking Merlin if he meant to kiss me yesterday?" Before Giaus could reply, she quickly walked out of his chambers, gently closing the door with a smile and a slight reddish tint to her face. It was Ann odd feeling she had. She had never kissed anyone before, so was she really thinking clearly? Did Merlin really want to kiss her, or was it just in her imagination?

"Oh Ros, you're making too much of a deal out of this, really," she said to herself, slowly making her way back to her own chambers.

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