So Not Cliche 6

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This person keeps looking at me on the airplane e-e
And now I'm watching Cinderella. S'cute c:

The weekend went by fast. You stayed at home all day, working on a project. Thankfully, by the time Monday came around, you finished it with a look of achievement.

"Ohayo, [Y/N]" Yukine greets you in the morning. You fix your school uniform and smile at him.

"Ohayo. Shall we get going?" You ask, which Yukine nods to. As you started walking, you noticed something strange. There wasn't the normal students walking around. You look down at you clock but frown. It's the correct time so what's wrong? You sigh then gasp.

"Yukine! Yesterday was Daylights Saving Time!" You exclaim. "We were supposed to turn forward our clock yesterday." His eyes widen and he latches onto your hand.

"C'mon!" He drags you along, running. As expected, the gates were closed. Yukine drops down on one knee, patting it.

"Hop on. Ill push you over." He smiles and you step on. Grabbing your waist, he slowly lifts himself up, you going with. Grabbing onto the top, you were able to push yourself up and sat on the top.

"Alright. Down we go." You say to yourself before hopping down.

"Stripes." Yukine says in awe. You turn around with wide eyes.

"What?! You saw my underwear?!" You shriek and his face turns bright red.

"It's not like I meant to! Your skirt just rose up." He turns his face away, raising his shoulders in an attempt to hide himself. You tug your skirt down.

"Whatever. Just get over here and never mention it again." You cross your arms.


"I heard a little rumor." Mayu says in a sing song voice. You take a bite of your steamed rice, cocking your head. "I heard that Yukine saw your panties." Your face turns bright red.

"W-w-where did you hear that?" You ask in a rush, rice dropping from your mouth.

"Someone said that they saw it happen." Hiyori joins in. You were surprised since she's not one for gossip.

"Well it wasn't on purpose!" You cover your face with your hands. "It was absolutely mortifying. And the look on his face was so embarrassing."

The two girls grin at each other.

"If a guy has seen your underwear, it deepens the friendship." Mayu raises a finger and nods seriously. You roll your eyes.

"Take Yato-senpai and me. He's seen my underwear countless times." You look at Hiyori, shocked. Her face blooms a deep red. "It's because I always faint! Not because of anything else!"

You see Mayu slightly pout, which gives more evidence that Mayu may like Yato. You wonder how this will all play out. Having a guy in between two friends usually ends up badly. Yukine comes over with Yato.

"Speak of the devils." You mumble to the girls and you all laugh quietly.

"Yukine said he saw stripes this morning." Yato announces as the two sit down. You resist a facepalm. Will this ever end? "That was his first time. Me on the other hand, I've seen a lot of different patterns. Hiyori usually wears the occasional-" he gets cut off by Hiyori attacking him.

"Jungle Savate!" She cries out and he starts making choking sounds. While they battle on the side, you turn to Yukine.

"Why did you tell him? It's known knowledge that he can't keep a secret!" Mayu nods in agreement with you. Yukine blushes.

"Can we not talk about this please?" He begs. You were going to smack him on the head when a tall blonde comes over, a guy with glasses behind her.

"Hello, I am Bishamon, student body president. This is my vice president, Kazuma." Kazuma bows. "We would like to speak with Yukine and [Y/N] please."

You look over at Yukine but he just shrugs. Standing up, the two of you follow the president and vice president. Once inside the office, Bishamon goes and sits down at her desk.

"I want appoint you both head of the school festival." She announces, leaving you in shock.

"U-us? But why?" You stutter for both you and Yukine. Yukine looked like he was about to faint.

"I have seen your past achievements and find you fit for the job. Welcome to the student body." Bishamon tells you, not giving any room for rejection. You sweat drip but nod.

"Thank you for informing us. We will be going to begin our work." You bow and begin to walk out, dragging the soulless Yukine along.

"They talked to us. They really spoke to us." Yukine says all of a sudden. There are twinkles in his eyes when you glance at him.

"Whats with that reaction?" You ask, confused. He looks at you with a huge smile.

"Kazuma is my idol! I'm hoping to get on the student council next year, when I'm a third. Kazuma even said he would recommend me! Won't it be so great?" You roll your eyes at the enamoured boy. He kept going on and on about how Kazuma has the best grades and how his observation skills are out of this world. You return back to your friends but lunch was basically already over.

"What did that prick want?" Yato asks, crossing his arms.

The guy who was looking at me had his arms in his shirt and I found it so adorable xD he was pretty cute oops.

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