" A Man Hurt Mommy ! He Hit Her With His Hands & Belts , Nanna Mommy Needs Help Right Now ! Go Help Mommy Nanna ! Please ! " Kylissa Pleaded . Nobody Seen Melissa Wake Up .

" Nothing Babyboo Go Back To Sleep , Both Of You Okay , Goodnight " She Kissed Them On The Forehead & Walked Out .

She Pulled Her Phone Out & Sent A Message To Shelia & Jamal About What's About To Go Down.

Then She Called Her Newest Friend , Sylvia .

Sylvia : Hey Riley !

Riley : Hey Sylvia , I Wanted To Ask You Was Your Crew Up ?

Sylvia : Yes Everybody Is Up , Is Everything Okay .?

Riley : No , My Daughter Is In Trouble .

She Started To Explain What Was Going On , Sylvia Had Her On Speaker , So The Crew Could Hear . When Riley Finished , They Were All For It .

Wondering Why Riley Called Them ? Because They Were The Only Group Of Thugs She Knew , & Also Everybody In That Group Are Savages !

Riley Called The Babysitter & Asked Could She Come Babysit The Twins , Y'all Probably Wondering Why None Of These Folks Ain't Sleep ? Its Summer & Palm Beach Never Sleeps Sooooo ..... Yea .

But Anyways ........

Riley Mind Went Back To Her Daughter , Why She Never Said Anything ? Is That Why She Always Drop The Twins Yet ? Everything Was Just Running Through Her Mind .

She Got Up , Checked On The Twins , They Were Sleep , Then She Went To Her Room & Got Ready .


Meanwhile -

Alyssa Was Still Getting Beat To Death , She Was Loosing Breathe But She Made A Promise To Her Daughters , But She Couldn't Keep It .

Her Eyes Started Rolling Back , She Then Saw All Black .


Kareem Looked Down Satisfied Of His Job , Threw Her To The Bed & Got Beside Her & Went To Sleep .


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