Y'all Probably Wondering Why She Hasnt Left . Well , She Can't . She Has Tried Plenty Of Times , But He Always Find Her . She Can't Tell Anyone . He Told Her If She Told Anyone He Would Kill Melissa & Kylissa . She Couldn't Have That So She Stuck With The Beatings .

" Kareem Please , I Swear I Was At The Shop , I Swear . " She Tried Explaining But He Wouldn't Listen .

" Bitch Stfu ! Take Yo Clothes Off & Get In The Shower , I'm Gone Teach Yo Hoe Ass A Lesson " He Said Grabbing The Long Extension Cord .

He Saw She Wasn't Moving , So He Grabbed Her Hair & Started Dragging Her Up The Stairs .

That Was Just The Beginning .


Kylissa Wanted Her Mommy So Bad , She Was Upstairs In Her Room At Her Nanna House , Melissa Was Sleeping , But Kylissa Was Crying For Her Mother To Be In God's Hands Tonight . She Was Facing The Wall With Tears Streaming Down Her Face , She Didn't See Her Nanna Riley Walk In The Room .

" Ky Honeybunch What's Wrong , Why The Tears Baby ? " Riley Asked , concerned About Her Granddaughter .

" Nanna , Don't Tell Mommy I Told You , But Mommy Is In Trouble She Needs Help Nanna , Now Nanna ! " Kylissa Screamed While Sobbing , Its Like She Felt Her Mother's Pain .

" What's Wrong With Mommy Baby ? Tell Nanna , Remember The Rule , No Secrets " Riley Said .

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