Chapter 25

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Avery's POV:

"Please, can I get you some coffee." he offers as I sit down in his couch that smells like pine and leather.

"Sure." I say as I lean back a bit.

"Here you go." he hands me a steaming cup and and I blow on it.

"Why am I still here Brett, that hug doesn't mean everything's okay." I say sipping the black liquid.
"I know." He say reaching for my hand I look down and notice for the first time that his are wrapped in bloody bandages.

"Oh god are you okay?" I ask as set my cup down and reach for his other hand. He winces when I touch them and the blood looks fresh.

"Yeah fine." he lies as he try's not to clench his jaw.

"I know we're not best friends again but let me help" I say steely leaving no room for him to object.

He just nods and follows me up to his room where I sit him down on the bed and I pull up a chair in front of him. I slowly unravel the bandages trying not to rip any scabs off.

"Ssshhhhit." He winces in pain and I give him my hand to squeeze as I dab the wounds with alcohol.

"I'm sorry this is gonna hurt, a lot." I say as I do the other hand and his death grip is making me loose feeling in my fingers.

I get up and rewrap his hands with fresh bandages. "there. all done." I say contently as I smile up at him.

"Thanks." he says with a shy smile. I notice a small scar running across his cheek and I run my thumb across it as he sharply inhales.

"Did you cut your face open too?" I ask dryly as I grab the scar cream and pain meds from his cupboard. I rub the scar cream on his cheek and give him two painkillers.

"Hey Avery, remember the first day we met?" He asks simply still looking down.

"Yeah why?" I ask as I put the pill bottle back in its spot and sit back down.

"Well I remember you wouldn't let me eat your salad because you were very protective of your food." he says smiling at the memory of the day we first me.

"Okay? and?" I ask confused as to where this is going.

"Well I, realized that through all this that I'm kinda protective of y-" he says and I'm still very confused.


My phone buzzes and I put a finger up so Brett can stop talking for a second.

"Hey babe, I'll be over in 10, were going to dinner." Jase says and then hangs up, a smile runs across my face and stand up.

"Sorry Brett Jase called and I have to get ready, we can talk later tonight." I smile as I collect my bag.

"But Avery-" he begins.

"I'll bring us some pot brownies just like old times. bye Brett." I say as I hustle down the stairs and across the street.

Brett's POV:

I flip the page of the magazine I'm reading, anxious for Avery to get back from a surprise date with Jase.

My bedroom window is open so the cool night air can flow in, but also so that I can hear when she pulls up.

It's been about six hours and it's a quarter to 12 now, what the fuck could they be doing for six hours?

I get bored with the magazine and fold it back up and walk over to my couch, I dig around for the joint that I put in the cushions a few days ago and I light it.

Maybe 10 minutes later I hear the rumble of Jases car and the sound of Avery's laughs .

I get up and walk to the window letting out a puff of smoke. As I look out I hear my phone beep and I turn to check the message.

To: Brett
From: Avey

Hey, I'm kinda busy tonight we can talk another time

I saw the text and tossed my phone to my bed, because at the same time as I read that Jase was pulling her into the house.

I closed my window and the curtain not wanting a view of their make out sesh. I plop down on my bed and pick up my phone, I can't believe she would fall for that douche bags fake charm, she hangs out with the hottest guys in school and yet she picks vegan boy.

I grab my phone and text her.

From: Brett

It's really important, come by asap.

With in minutes I hear Jases car drive off and I can't help but feel happy that the son of a bitch wouldn't get action tonight.

I get up knowing that Avery will be ringing the doorbell any minute.

As I walk down the stairs Avery keeps bombing my doorbell so the rhythm doesn't even have a chance to finish before it starts over.

"I'm fucking coming!" I yell as I reach the door.

I pull open the front door to see Avery in a tank top and fuzzy shorts, she didn't even have shoes on.

I puff out a bit of smoke as I laugh, I forgot I was still smoking, wow.

She gives me an annoyed look as all the smoke hits her in the face and she takes the joint from my lips and holds it in her hands.

"Really? You're smoking?" She asks tapping her foot and I shrug.

I lunge for her hand and she takes it put it between her lips, daring me to get it back from her.

"Don't tempt me princess." I warn as I finally let her in and we climb the stairs.

"So what was so important?" She asks as she takes a seat on my bed and hands me back the joint that I just end up putting out.

I take a deep breath. we just got on good terms again and this could completely ruin it.

But she has to know.

"Avery, I..." for some reason I wanted to tell her how much she's been on my mind and all those stupid emotional shit but it wouldn't come out.

"stay away from Jase. He's not who you think he-" I say as the fastest and most honest thing I could tell her about before she sighs and stands up.

"I should have know." she says running her hand hands through her hair. Not the right thing to say...

"I like Jase, and if you're my friend you won't try and sabotage it." she yells angry, is that why she thinks I'm doing this? Even though this wasn't what I wanted to say it doesn't mean it's not true.

"You think I'm telling you this cuz Im trying to spite you?" I ask her blatantly offended that she would think I'd stoop that low.

"Why else would you? Unless you're secretly in love with me!" she yells angrily opening my room door and walking out.

"Ave, none of that is true!" I kinda lie after her as I follow her down the stairs.

"I can't believe I believed you had something important to say, I made Jase go home for your stupid semantics." she grumbles as she walks out the front door and slams it behind her.

I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

"Well, that didn't go as expected." I say to myself sarcastically.

I plop onto my bed and just look up at the ceiling for what seems like forever and eventually reach over for a bottle of beer from the mini fridge and drink in silence until I fall asleep with it.

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